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From: Seth D. Carmichael
To: Douglass Carmichael
Subject: Invitation To The Y2k Youth Action Network
Date: Saturday, April 24, 1999 7:38 PM

You are cordially invited to participate in the Y2k Youth Action Network mailing list: "" to subscribe please email Seth Carmichael:

The goal of this discussion group is to successfully launch the Y2k Youth Action Network. Through celebration and education, awareness and connection we will help young people shape their communities towards good health, sustainability, and preparedness.

Young People of all ages, Educators, Potential Youth Mentors and Leaders from Non-Profit Organizations, Government Agencies, Educational Institutions and Business are invited to participate. Your involvement will greatly aid in the development of the initiative's action plan and related educational materials and resources.

If you know someone who would like to be involved,
please feel free to forward them this message.

Thank you.


Seth D. Carmichael (
Y2k Youth Action Network
Shakespeare & Tao Consulting
Toolbox Graphic Design
Extreme Dream Productions
Voice: 1.800.206.8150
Data: 1.800.306.6340



-- Critt Jarvis (, April 27, 1999

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