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My grandfather has given me his Autoreflex T with a 52mm f1.8 lens to use. It is a great camera from what I can tell so far.

Question 1. ----------- There is a red line in the aperture scale. It doesn't move. Is is supposed to??

Question 2. ----------- The original flash that my grandfather has is a Soligor MK-6B flash. What is another good flash to use with this camera?

Thanks for any help.


-- Anonymous, April 26, 1999


Your 1st question...

I have the same question but I think that this red mark in the aperture scale in the viewfinder is the lowest operating voltage point of the batteries while checking with the battery checker.

-- Anonymous, April 29, 1999

Line in Aperture Scale

The line in the aperture scale is for "stopped down" metering, as with the bellows.


-- Anonymous, April 29, 1999

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