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Well my netscape 4.5 is all screwed up i downloaded it over the old 3.x about 2 months ago. Sometimes the home page will not load after i log on even with a 28 or 31 connection, so I re-boot then it works, usually, periodically empty cache and disc. For a week it loaded 2 home pages one over the other? thats over now. The visited links just started changing colors yesterday, I was told to reload netscape but first delete all files and folders having anything to do with netscape so the question is how do i log on if everything is deleted

-- just me (, April 26, 1999


What I did was go to my Internet provider and requested a copy of Netscape on CD. This was mailed to me free of charge. A direct installation works so much better than downloading . Duffyo

-- Duffyo (, April 26, 1999.

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