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Me and my father are coming over from Holland, Europe to Yosemite mid-May for some climbing. We managed to reserve campsites in Curry Village for some of the time, but still have some nights to fill in. Is Camp 4 very busy around May 20th, or can we easily take the chance and not reserve any campsite out of the Valley? Thanks a lot, Allard

-- Allard Katan (, April 26, 1999


You should be ok at sunnyside (camp 4). College will be getting out right about that time but high schools are not finished for the summer for another two or three weeks. I have seen room in camp 4 even in June the last three summers.

-- dan jopp (, April 25, 2000.

I hope your trip went well! As soon as I sent response i noticed I was just about one year too late! sorry!

-- dan jopp (, April 25, 2000.

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