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I bought a Nova Print Pod Processor just the other day. The price was so cheap that I just couldn't resist... Anyway, the processor seems to be designed exclusively for 8x10" prints, and in the manual there's no mention about processing 8x10" film with it. My view is that as long as the material doesn't get scratches it makes no difference what the supporting material is. Anyone with some experience?



-- Timo Ripatti (, April 26, 1999


Dear Timo. I have been thinking the same; how would it be to process 8x10" slide film in a Nova processor with a Tetenal/Beseler E-6 kit. I see here one danger; the agitation. You can only move the film up and down, i4m afraid this will cause streakes, specially in the first developer.But we can4t know before somebody tries. So let here from you! I am developing my E-6 films regulary only for 4,5 to 5 minutes in in the first developer. This is not so easy with commercial labs, so it would be of great advance to do this without the mess with a one shot rotary drum.

-- Jan Eerala (, April 26, 1999.

Dear Timo, Nova makes a vertical sleeve processor which says it will do the job of developing 8"x10" films but I only saw it in a brochure, if you find out and experiment with it I'd like to be informed of you progress! Thanks and good luck! Andrea Milano

-- andrea milano (, April 28, 1999.

I am new to this newsgroup, and I think this question has been around from time to time:

what do you folks use for developing your 8x10" film, hardware-vise?

I have a Unidrum processor which takes two 8x10"s or one 11x14", designed for color prints, and the Nova... I haven't used neither one for film yet, there's a very good commercial lab in town. All the sheet film developing tanks which I've seen are the hanger models, and they cost an arm and a leg. Plus there's no idea to mix a gallon of each chemical if I need only a few negatives or slides now and then.

How do you develop...? With trays...?


-- Timo Ripatti (, April 28, 1999.

For the question: How do you develope..? If you develope BW, in trays of course. It4s simple,fast and clean. And absolute foolproof without streaks or other problems with uneven developments. If you develope one film a time, with a development time of 6 to 8 minutes you will process 4-5 films in one hour.

-- Jan Eerala (, April 28, 1999.

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