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This link leads to the online version of the book you'll be using as one of your main guides. It was written by Gill Wagner, president of Y2K Experts. Gill will also be "riding ultimate herd" on your y2k project. He's our "grand auditor," and the consultant we collaborate with on all our projects. Gill has handled numerous y2k projects for many companies (click here to look at Y2K Experts client list). The combination of the top notch people involved locally, our materials, Y2K Experts Certified Y2K Ready, and Gill's involvement, make for a coherent, efficient process, and solid as possible y2k outcome for you.

You can use this link anytime you want to refer to the online version of the book. As it says on one of Y2K Experts' web pages:

"To assist you with your year-2000 effort, we converted our entire guide to HTML format... We are certain that if you follow the advice in this guide, you will succeed in your Y2K effort and position your business to improve customer relationships and you will gain clients, even while your competitors lose ground."

Certified Y2k Ready Table of Contents

-- Anonymous, April 26, 1999

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