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In a quick nutshell, I think this vehicle (this forum software), would work well in a lot of ways. It's powerful stuff, was built for collaboration, and I'm about as familiar with it as a person can get. It's what I was thinking of as the "backbone" of the system to help keep things sane as possible.

Right now all the "Client Communications" links (as well as the "Resources" link), on the page you just came from lead to this forum (set up for quick demo purposes, as was that "Y2K Project Help" page). As things progress, the idea will be to set up one forum for each client where their info is stored (or linked to), where they can see things, ask questions or make notes, and where all concerned will have access to the pertinent info.

The "Resources" forum would be a password protected place to put documents and links that would be of useful interest to all clients (the next link down on the "New Questions" list in this forum is a little example of the type of thing that could be in there). And (if anyone's interested), the "Resources" forum could also be a "general meeting/casual discussion" place where people could converse, and where I could pop the occasional interesting article or reference that crops up. Or another forum could be set up for that. (Although I have my doubts as to how much interest there'd be in that kind of thing. But it's an easy option.)

Last but not least, I'd set up a forum that you and I used to communicate. Maybe use this one. That way you wouldn't have to think much about however many client forums there turn out to be. I can tend those, and when things crop up or need to be looked at, I can just pop a note/link to the item in question into the forum we'd be using, along with the password. I'd set it up so the software will email my note to you as soon as I put it in, you can take a look, and either leave your answer, opinion, etc., in the associated thread in the Client forum, or leave a note underneath the one I post in the forum you and I use...

Okay. Enough for tonite. I'm going to post that next thread, have a bite to eat, and take another nap.

By the way... If you ever want to leave replies, just click the "Contribute an answer" button at the bottom of the page. The software will send them to me. If you want to create a new thread/topic, just click "Ask a question" at the top left of the main screen. And the "Publisher" link always takes you back to the "Project Help" page.

Nighty night...

-- Anonymous, April 26, 1999

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