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A LOT of stuff from Computer Currents magazine online, this week.

July 1 "Y2K Test Day"

-------------------- Banks Issue Y2K Guarantee

BellSouth & AT&T Complete Y2K Tests

Y2K Gas & Oil Most Y2K Problems Will Occur This Year

30,000 In NEC New Year Y2K Fight

Three Bills Vie To Limit Y2K Liability

Serious Y2K Risks In Embedded Systems
Firms Dump Data To Avoid Y2K Problems

-- A (, April 26, 1999


Now, THIS is interesting. . .

From: Firms Dump Data To Avoid Y2K Problems

"Phil Johnston, ISI's director, said that many organizations have aging mainframes holding financial and other important historical information which they need to keep-- sometimes for legal and auditing purposes, but also as a primary tool for delivering customer service.

"The problem is, nobody is really sure what is the important data and what can be discarded. We've found a way to avoid having to make this impossible choice by keeping all the data online at a fraction of the cost of data conversion," he said.

According to Johnston. Year 2000 online warehousing involves taking the historical data from the non-compliant mainframe, compressing it and archiving it on a PC server-based system, which is less costly on storage and maintenance.

The data is then kept online using complex data retrieval software, which means it can be retrieved and viewed instantly on any PC in the organization."

Question: An inexpensive solution for ALL mainframe users?

Another question: What does this do to the security of the information that can now be "retrieved and viewed instantly on any PC in the organization?"

Hmmm. . .


-- FM (, April 26, 1999.

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