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Does anyone have any good preserved-food recipes? As in, things you can do with rice and other canned/nonperishable stuff?

-- Leo (, April 25, 1999


Leo, there is a good site at

She is just getting started on her Y2K recipies, so there isn't an over abundance, but it will get you started. I have a real good recipe for refried beans if you like them.

2 c. pinto beans (soaked overnight and rinsed), cover with clean water, slow cook until soft, drain or add enough water so the beans are just covered, add 1 pkg onion soup mix and 1 pkg taco seasoning, a little ground cumin, a little ground or powdered garlic, mash the beans. While I have ground beef I cook up a pound of that and add it to the beans and make burritos out of it.

For now, while ingredients are available you can use it for a chip dip by adding sour cream and cheese and salsa. Very versitile!

-- winna (??@??.com), April 25, 1999.

There are a BUNCH of recipe links for food preservation on my site. Here is the page- read the second column for the recipe links.

Hope this helps ya!!!

-- Terri (, April 26, 1999.


I've heard of refried beans but never had them, they're not a big thing in Australia. The recipe sound pretty good(I actually like beans!) and I'll try it but I have one question, why are they called refried?, the recipe doen't even call for them to be fried once!

Thanks RonD

-- Ron Davis (, April 27, 1999.

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