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Hello! Im planning to buy a Real Magic Hollywood Plus MPEG decoder card...with TV-OUT. I wonder, how will the quality be if i record my VCD to my VHS through my computer and MPEG card??

-- Hannes (, April 25, 1999


Tri a MIRO! beter whit soft Ulead Media Studio 5.0 I have one & I have no problem, some time I doo videoclips bi mi self

-- Johnie (, April 26, 1999.

Perhaps the answer you are looking for is VHS QUALITY! It depends on the tape itself(High Grade, Studio Grade, etc.) and time set(SP, LP, EP). Personally you may be better off splicing the output to a TV or if you want a universal copy just purchase the Original tape(if it is a major motion picture) because the quality would be better that way. Also you may get a border around the film or scan lines. It is up to you but copies from a higher grade source to a lower grade generally look bad...reason why most screener pirates are on VCD mostly. Have fun playing with it.

-- Will Shakes (, April 27, 1999.

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