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I bought an R.E.M. box set called one in the eye. It contained four cds. Green, out of time,automatic for the people,and Monster. It comes in a wooden box with an eye looking out of a key hole with rem written in the pupil. The box is green and folds open with little latches to keep it closed. On the inside each cd and cover have there own spot that is lined with a velvet type material. I have looked in many different discograpy and no one ever mentions it. I was just wondering if it is very rare or a home made box set or really any info would do. The man who sold it to me knew nothing about it. Either way its really cool. THanks

-- Christopher (, April 25, 1999


Hey Christopher,

I was wondering if there where any bonus tracks on the cd box you bought? Also where did you get it, And how much did have to buy it for?

-- Thomas Tefcke Pedersen (, March 07, 2000.

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