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I am intrigued by the good things said about colloidal silver. I have been doing some internet research into the subject. I came across the following web site with personal experience/story/evidence, and would appraciate the learned response of those on this forum.

Thank you


-- Skeeter Simpson (skeeter@barsawmp.corn), April 24, 1999


Before anyone jumps on this, we have covered a lot of this before. See this thread in the Health and Medicine Archive file:

-- Sara Nealy (, April 24, 1999.

Those links were:

and< /a>

-- PJ Gaenir (, April 24, 1999.

The plural of anecdote is NOT "DATA"

-- researcher (data@numbers.trials), April 24, 1999.

The web site disputing colloidal silver's use is entirely dedicated, apparently (visit the index and other pages) to 'debunking' just about all kinds of alternative medicines.

Also the evidence the woman lists related to the damage done her by silver was done by an excess of silver nitrate ingested through the nasal tissues. I'm willing to bet a whole lot of drugs, if too much of them is presented (especially to a child) through the nasal tissue, would do you damage.

I've no idea of the efficacy of colloidal silver. I know only that in the Yourdon thread linked above, a researcher offers a detailed analysis (by mail, $20) to his findings, and it sounds like he's done his job well, so interested parties would do well to buy it and read it.

PJ in TX

-- PJ Gaenir (, April 24, 1999.

I also just became aware of colloidal silver. Someone gave me a pamplet advertising a colloidal silver generator. The article mentioned Dr. Robert O. Becker and his books "The Body Electric" and "Cross Currents". I had read the first one and am now reading the second book. He is very impressive and has used silver in healing infections and mending broken bones, both of which could not be healed with conventional treatments and antibiotics.

I found a web site that gives a lot of information on colloidal silver and its uses. It even tells how to make your own colloidal silver generator. The process is simple and quick -- about 15 minutes to make 8 oz. I found commercial colloidal silver in two health stores for %5.00 and ounce. My wife and I have been using it for many things for about a week and are impressed. The uses are too many to list here. This site is:

I even use it to kill fungus on my tomato plants and if I get a bug bite in the garden, I just spray a dilute soultion to stop the pain/itch in just a few seconds.

BTW, remember that doctors used to put silver drops in newborn babies eyes to prevent blindness caused by infectins? Wonder if they still do that.

I am just learing about a fascinating subject.


-- Jim Eggart (, April 24, 1999.

Just thought I would throw in 2 cents worth. I have been looking into this matter of colloidal silver, since it offers some interesting benefits, similar to antibiotic medications, and if we can't get all the medications we need next year, it will be important to know just what does seem to work in its place. There are numerous good sites that discuss this matter and have home kits available too. They call them colloidal silver generators, not to be confused with the power type for power outages. I also have seen very good current information about the horrible effects that were portrayed on that woman noted in the post just above, but that was not a result of taking the colloidal silver solution we are talking about here. That situation was a bizarre error in medical treatment when she was a child many years ago. Anyway, I purchased the research report from Dr.Roger Altman that he personally did on silver retention and elimination when used in the currently recommended doses. It is very well done and he put a huge amount of personal effort into it. He was doing the research on himself, and he now uses it and recommends colloidal silver be considered along with other "homeopathic" treatments for certain potential disorders. If you wish to contact him about his research and report, his email address is: Anyone seriously looking into making their own colloidal silver solutions, or even just having some commercially made solutions in their stockpile of treatment remedies, should consider getting his report.

-- Gordon (, April 25, 1999.

Thanks PJ in TX for your support.

I am the researcher who has recently completed a detailed study to help answer the question: Does colloidal silver accumulate in the body, and, if not, how is it expelled, and how quickly does it exit?

To formulate the experimental procedure, I requested the assistance of Bill Schenker, a physician, who is quite well known on several Internet forums for his articles on the generation and use of colloidal silver as well as on a wide range of other health related issues.

The data I generated (I used myself as a test subject) support the notion that there are two independent mechanisms through which the body eliminates silver, and in a separate experiment, I discovered a simple method to accelerate the excretion rate by a factor of three.

Recently, Dr. Schenker posted a new article on colloidal silver (see one of the references above for the URL) in which he discusses various aspects of colloidal silver production including his unconditional support of my research report.

I would like to add that I have developed a highly concentrated form of colloidal silver that has practically unlimited shelf-life and virtually 100% "bioavailabity".

-- Dr. Roger Altman (, April 25, 1999.

From the site listed by Skeeter:

Dr. Robert Becker, author of The Body Electric and Cross Currents, wishes it known that he has never authorized the use of his name or quotations from his publications to imply his approval for the use of colloidal silver in any form for any medical purpose or any purpose by which it may subsequently be ingested by, or come into contact with humans. In his opinion all such preparations are either not effective or potentially harmful.

-- Check (, April 25, 1999.


To establish scientifically the efficacy and safe dossage of colloidal silver would require a massive experimental effort, and a huge amount of time and money. Since there is no financial incentive for any organization or individual to make such a commitment, we must help each other learn as much as we can before we can conclude that it is safe and effective; we are not there yet.

My work is only a first step in such an effort, and I invite others to think of ways they might contribute positively towards answering these important questions. And until these questions ARE answered, no responsible researcher would ever recommend that the public at large ingest colloidal silver.

Individuals, such as myself, for example, might consider the potential benefits worth the risk and use it medicinally or even prophylactically (as I have been doing for quite some time), but that must remain an individual decision. Hopefully, such individuals will report their finding, scientific or otherwise on this and similar threads.

-- Dr. Roger Altman (, April 25, 1999.

As a community pharmacist of 29 years I hope you'll listen to me. Mercury, antimony, silver and even unreactive gold have long been held as beneficial anti-infectives when taken internally or even when inserted in bodily orifaces. Except for gold they work because they kill. Problem is they can kill you too by poisoning your liver and kidneys especially when the dose recommendations come from the 19th century. Please if you're truly desperate go to the pet store and buy some REAL antibiotics. Better, talk to your doctor about getting a prudent home supply of meds. Best, have a doctor or pharmacist in or near your group.

-- Carlos Mueller (, April 25, 1999.

It is important to understand that there are different methods of making colloidal silver, that do not give the same end product, hence not the same results or safety. Read two excellelent articles at Also small 18 pg. booklet "Colloidal Silver, The Natural Antiobiotic Alternative" by Zane Baranowski, CN is very good. I make my own and and would not be without it. Several times it has immediately killed off virus that were threatening to put me to bed for a week. In half an hour after taking 1/2 tsp. I was symptom-free. Not once, but on several occasions, I have experienced this. To say that as it kills virus and bacteria it will kill you, too, is very bad logic, and simply not true. (Do antibiotics kill you? Does garlic?) Silver has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine for thousands of years. I would add that it is my understanding that no medicine should be taken continually. (Of course excepting insulin, etc. that a particular individual must have always in his system.) If we take a special healing substance daily, it will not have the same power to help us in an emergency. In short, it won't be a special healer. It will be like food, something we eat every day. (-Would you take antibiotics every day for years?) It would be more practical to eat and live well, thereby strengthening our immune systems, than to live in fear of germs and continually ingest medicines, whether these are "natural" or not. Bacteria, virus, etc. do not do well in a body that does not contain toxins. It has been my experience that since I improved my diet I very rarely need any medicines, and when I do a very small dose of a natural substance quickly does the job. It would be good if people would inform themselves before they they condemn something new to them out-of-hand. If they are afraid to try colloidal silver themselves they could be open-minded to the testimony of those who actually do speak of it from their experience. Theory is not worth much.

-- Shivani Arjuna (, April 25, 1999.


If you have data that provides evidence that colloidal silver has had an adverse impact on specific organs of the body, please share it with forum participants. At the very least, please give us the basis for your caution with regard to colloidal silver ingestion.

Roger Altman

-- Dr. Roger Altman (, April 25, 1999.

I use colloidal silver together with blood electrification with amazing results! I had an appointment for a rootcanal and decided to attack it with the blood electrification method. That was last November. I still have no pain in my tooth and have saved hundreds of dollars including a lot of pain and dicomfort!

Enter blood electrification in your search engine and spend about $70 for a blood electrification unit to have a super antibiotic during Y2K!!! Once bought it will last a LIFETIME!!!

Take responsibility for your own health and you will save thousands of dollars!

-- freddie (freddie@thefreeloader.cpm), April 25, 1999.

Uh freddie,

where are you going to get the elctricity post-y2k :)

Check out this link, April the 21st show, archives "Joel Wallach: Magic Of Colloidal Minerals".

-- Andy (, April 25, 1999.

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