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My sister-in-law suggested that we get a vaccination for Lyme disease since we will be in the country. I had not heard of this and wondered if this is a good idea? I know there is controversy involving other vaccinations, so I would appreciate opinions on this. Thanks in advance and God bless. Mary

-- Mary (, April 23, 1999


My Sister-in-law nearly died from this disease. It is serious and also often misdiagnosed - as Lyme disease is moving into new areas where physicians are not expecting it. She survived becuase she did her own research and demanded that her physician follow the aggressive treatement protocol recommended by the experts in the disease.

I was not aware that there is a vaccine. but sure enough, if you go to they say there is one and point you to the URL where you can find out more.

So glad I've been lurking here, as we recently moved into a totally tick infested part of the country. I assume that since there are lots of ticks we do see (3-4 need pulled off each person each day if we are outside) that there are probably the little kind that give you lyme.... I am going to put this new info to good use.


-- Berry Picker (, April 23, 1999.

---Hi Mary--lyme disease is carried by the deer tick-you can look it up on the net someplace and get some color photos. It's not limited to deer only, and yes, it can be nasty. Best protection from ticks is to have no ticks in your area, and the best way to do that is to get a flock of guinea hens and turn em loose we're you are staying. They'll decimate the tick and bug population, and are also exccellent "watch dogs". As to the vaccinations, I'm not a doc, but I've become pretty suspicious of vaccinations lately, so I can't realy advise you there. Too much strange things going on with that for me to trust that anymore, but that's just my personal take on the matter. Others, no doubt, will have differing opinions, just as valid as mine, based on their research and knowledge. Build up you and your families health in advance as much as possible through very proper nutrition and lifestyle-that I can advise you on.

-- zog (, April 23, 1999.

Mary ... Wrote down the name of that vaccination just a couple of days ago, but can't locate it. Look in phone book under physicians, and you'll find those that deal in pest diseases. I live in CT where it all started. Used to pick off dozens from my dog (she died of cancer) and one finally burrowed into my sholder, without my knowledge. Had the round of shots and I assume it was in time. At 71, there are so many aches, pains, etc, before and after, it's hard to identify any new ones. HOWEVER , shots take up to six months for vaccination, so get started now. I'm going to do it, and hopefully get my grandson done too. LOL Eagle

-- Hal Walker (, April 23, 1999.

Dear Mary, my entire family has lyme disease. It is a terrible disease to have because of the multiple symptoms you can have at anyone time.I reasearched the lyme vaccine and in the early trials, people were actually being infected with lyme from the vaccine. I would also be cautious about the possible hidden side effects since the vaccine has only been out about 2 yrs. Dr's have a very very difficult time diagnosing this disease, the longer it takes to diagnose,your illness can progress to a debilitating stage. Please research this more indepth before making your decision. I personally think that since you know what it is and how you can become infected, just take precautionary measures such as tucking your pants inside your socks, spraying with deet, making tick checks after being outdoors. If you would like more info, I will be more then happy to send you information, just let me know.

-- Baylee (, April 23, 1999.

The price of those shots will knock your socks off!

-- Hull Stetson (, April 23, 1999.

The answer is "lymerix" or close (the pen is upstairs) and OUR insurance considers it a simple vacination like part of the annual visit and covers it. Check with yours. YMMV Chuck

-- chuck, a Night Driver (, April 23, 1999.

Mary, I was bitten by a tick last summer, and in 24 hours I had a huge red spot on my arm (not the oridinary time frame for this symptom), I got on the net, found pictures of the tick in the 4 stages of its life cycle and was sure this was the tick that was on me.

I went immediately to the Dr. and rather than take the time to send a sample to CDC, he immediately gave me treatment for Lyme's. It was the best way in my opinion. Not all tick bites show symptoms so early, and that really causes problems. Better to be safe than sorry.

-- gilda (, April 24, 1999.

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