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During the first week of the new year there will be a new moon. The new moon has always signified a time of beginnings. A time of hope and renewal. The first week of the new year could well be the biggest candle light vigil in history.

Civilizations fall. Technologies fail. The greatest social systems human beings have ever created have all collapsed eventually.

The problem is for the first time in history we are a population of babies. We don't know how to feed ourselves or take care of our waste. We are in desperate need of grown-ups and they seem to be in incredibly short supply. Those of us who are working to prepare - for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities  are in the process of trying to become adults. We are trying to rid ourselves of the illusion that someone else will grow our food and clean up our messes. Because as of the new year we are getting kicked out of the nest. We will have to fend for ourselves.

I have heard too many people say that when it all collapses that our neighbors will turn into raving evil hoards. While this may happen it does not have to happen. We do not have to live as babies who are unable to share. We can work together as adults. We can cooperate. We can share our toys and our cookies. We can share our warmth and our light and our laughter. We can give hope and comfort in abundance and never run out.

This May 15th will also be a new moon. It is time to demonstrate to the world in a peaceful and meaningful way that there are concerned citizens all over the world. That there are responsible people who are ready to grow up and take care of themselves and the people around them. It is time to call for compassion, awareness and maturity. Even if you in your May 15th vigil are alone in all your town. You will not be alone on the planet. You will be sitting with thousands of others all across the land. Sitting on the steps of your city hall. One grown-up with one candle shining in the darkness.

-- Rachel Parti (, April 23, 1999



You have provided the absolutely most succinct and accurate summary of the REAL issue with your post. "We are a population of babies..."

This is the heart of the matter. We have come so far so fast that we've lost our roots. Like kids who don't know carrots grow in the ground.

-- Les Holladay (, April 23, 1999.

Get a grip...This is not the time to hold hands and sing "Feelings". We are facing a real crisis here. I agree with the sharing concept, however, if you really believe that it is time for the babies to grow up, then push them out of the nest and let them fend for themselves.

If we are truly adults, then we have the same opportunity to study, make our own decisions and prepare. Please don't come to share my beans, and especially not my candles.

PS: I am a Christian and will act as such, but am fed up with those who will not listen and prepare. Sorry if I am venting on your parade.

-- (, April 23, 1999.

If anyone sings "Feelings" at my candlelight vigil I hope they will do it far from me.

Relax, I have no interest in your beans or candles. I am interested in teaching people how to garden and how to barter.

However, candlelight vigils are a simple and time-honored way to bring attention to a problem. This problem needs attention and it needs it now. It needs awareness and maturity. It needs people to get informed and prepare. Many many people do not have the skills or technology to surf the net. I meet people every day who have still not heard of Y2k. Or they think it has something to do with PCs and Bill Gates will fix it.

I am interested in creative solutions. This is just one of many possible ways to wake people up. It is not the only way and it will not reach everyone. It will reach some and thats enough motivation for me to invest in a candle and a few hours.

-- R (, April 23, 1999.

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