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If tobacco & gun companies are responsible for deaths due to their products, is Al Gore responsible for showing kids how to build bombs (by the use of his invention of the Internet)?

Is Big Al responsible for the spread of porno on the 'net?

Is Big Al responsible for causing a Y2K panic?

-- Anonymous99 (, April 23, 1999


99, you are following disinformation rule number 69 - making fun of stupid bullshit. TSK TSK.

Has everyone figured out yet that the disinformation rules are designed to force you to pay polite attention to really stupid stuff? "AL GORE IS A SATANIC WORSHIPPER WHO DRINKS GOAT BLOOD" - a truly ignorant statement. But if you follow the disinformation rule BULLSHIT some people are spreading all over the place - you will have to calmly and rationally argue with the twit who believes it - rather than calling the guys in the white coats to haul him away. And to add insult to idiocy - the guys who yell loudest about the 'rules' they want you to follow are the first to start with name calling and personal attacks when the discussion goes in a direction they don't like.

-- Paul Davis (, April 23, 1999.

Paul obviously doesn't know how to follow a logical progression of thought.

If arguments like those made above against politically incorrect institutions are fair, right and good, how much more then can they be made against politically correct modes of thought?

To wit: 99 is illustrating being absurd. Algore is no more responsible for "killing" due to his "fatherhood of the internet", than Phillip Morris is for producing tobbacco products.

But we assign blame nowadays on everyone else. I say, using the modern-day emotional logic that makes up our national conciousness; YES - Algore is guilty of murder because he made and expanded a product publicly available that causes public harm.

Now we will have to dig and find out whether there are documents in the government that clearly state that they KNEW the internet could incite violence, and then they ignored it and covered it up with slick advertising campaigns such as the "Information Superhighway" blitz of '94-96. How many lives could have been saved if kids weren't exposed to the internet? It should be regulated by the FDA as a drug. It needs to be banned in schools and public places.

Makes as much sense as parents suing friends of the assasins for not doing anything to stop them, as in the Michael Carneal case.

We are WACKED.

Gonna get what's coming to us.

-- INVAR (, April 23, 1999.

They sue the tobacco companies because people smoke and die.

They sue the gun manufacturers because people use guns to commit crimes.

They sue bar owners because people drink, then drive.

None of them have done anything illegal.

We need to get our government out of bed with the lawyers. NOW!

-- Sick of It (country', April 23, 1999.

INVAR - you know perfectly well that if anything the least bit sarcastic or caustic was posted on the BEACH threads, someone at once sounded off about the 'rules of disinformation'. NEWS FLASH - I fully intend to continue to make fun of silly ideas - and the 'rules of disinformation' followers can like it or lump it. Those rules are the most stupid pieces of BS I have ever read - I bet I could find evidence that Mother Goose broke them all over the place.

-- Paul Davis (, April 23, 1999.

Sick of it,

I know that Big Al, while crying cow tears over his sister who had died from lung cancer, was growing crops of tobacco on the family farm.

-- sigmund (, April 24, 1999.

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