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Here's an inexpensive solution. This guy (Gene Franks) lives in my town and installed the water purification unit for the local health food store. I gave him a call month's ago and he pointed me to his website. We talked about the more expensive units (I had already ordered the Katadyn pump, but there was some concern about whether deliveries would come through -- took 3 months). He said he was working on a way to make it more affordable... I ran into him the other day at the store...and he let me know he had a new unit up on his website. After having spent several hours (at 240 pumps per gallon) to get about 6 gallons (and I might add some new and improved pectorals), I'm going to try one of these little siphon units.

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-- Shelia (, April 23, 1999


During the Gulf War I saw information on a unit testing a device attached to the side of a HUMVEE that was able to produce water for direct consumption by drawing water molecules out of the exhaust from the vehicle that was completely safe to drink. No, that is not what made so many of our veterans seriosly ill. Has anyone seen this gizmo make it into production commercially?

-- (, April 23, 1999.

Sheila, thanks so much for the link. I already have a Berky and it is great. The under the counter version would be very handy.

-- gilda (, April 23, 1999.

Shelia: THANKYOU!! You have just fixed a nagging problem for the Driver household!!!

BTW Has anyone told him his prices are rediculously low??? (NOT that I want them to do it soon, wait until I order LOL)

I KNEW there was a way to get the Doulton filters, now I know WHERE!!!


-- chuck, a Night Driver (, April 23, 1999.

re: his prices being low.... when I first talked with him about the water situation, Gene's first response was to find a way to make it inexpensive. If you check out his entire website you find he's a community (world as well as local) minded person who looks for solutions to those nagging problems of modern day life. Read the Tiger Tom articles (a hoot!).

I just put in my call. By the way he is often hard to reach by phone, so it may be best to email him.

Glad someone else was as happy as I am that Gene addressed the problem and came up with a solution.

-- Shelia (, April 23, 1999.

Re getting water from the exhaust of your engine, I calculate you'd have to burn a gallon of gas to get a gallon of water, so this isn't going to be a practical solution.

-- Ned (, April 23, 1999.

Thanks Sheila !!!
I've been chasing my tail on this subject. So many choices...prices...shipping horror stories. This guy, Gene Franks, is great. I just order several items from him. I will post more info when I receive the shipment.

-- WebRNot (, April 23, 1999.

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