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I ordered a gas(actually propane) cook stove from Lehman's last January. They said it was in stock and would be shipped right away by truck. No news for several weeks, so I called the Roadway Express office at the nearest terminal -about 50 miles away. They said they didn't have the stove - but did get a postcard addressed to my husband, but sent to their address about some type of delay. They knew nothing about it and threw it away. I wait..wait...wait. Finally about 3 weeks ago, I sent an e-mail to their customer response(ever). Last week, I bit the bullet and called. Anyone who has tried to call the customer service dept there will understand my reluctance. Anyway, I finally got a real person who said they would "check into it" and call me back. I gave them two phone numbers and a fax number.WOULDN'T YOU KNOW, my caller ID showed they called when I was out taking care of my new baby chicks. I tried to call recording after another. HAS ANYONE TRIED THE NON-ELECTRIC PROPANE STOVE FROM SEARS? I think I have finally learned my more orders from Lehmans. They seem to be very nice people - but are totally screwed up over the volume of their business and can't seem to get a handle on it..... Seriously, has anyone tried the Sears propane 30 inch cook stove?

-- jeanne (, April 22, 1999


Yes! I have two of three. I bout two litlle (24") non electric stoves with propane orifices from Montgomery Ward...about 15 years ago. They work fine. I got two because I wanted two ovens and more burners.

The only difference between propane and the gas that most people have is that the propane needs a smaller orifice in one part of the stove deep in its inner workings.

I'm sure that Sears has a comparable stove. Other stove mfrs do too, and they all cost about the same. I think it is about 299 now.

-- Mary (, April 22, 1999.

I have a propane stove, but hubby says the oven won't work without electricity. Something about the thermostat... you should check

-- Sheila (, April 22, 1999.

Hi. This might not apply to your area, but the Salvation Army and similar "City Mission" Church secondhand clothing stores in our area often sell secondhand ten-twenty year old 20 and 30 inch stoves (ranges) that are not always dirty or defective cast-offs. I have mentioned our family shelving business in the past, and we also still sell used ranges. Many campers buy them in non y2k times and have their LP gas man convert the orifices. Be sure that you know your bottled gas man though- some will convert a range for only a few bucks because they know you as a regular customer. I have heard horror stories though how some appliance store types will charge a person a hundred bucks for unscrewing the old and installing the new orifices. Check! By the way- some ranges will simply convert to LP gas by turning a small screw by the inner back of the gas knob shank. Still check with a good LP person about the oven. I would stay away from the new mandated electronic ignition garbage the feds say we have to buy in many states.

-- churchorganist (, April 23, 1999.

We have a 30" non-electric stove...a GIBSON. Cost us $340 new -- ordered from our local propane gas dealer this spring and here in 3 days. Works great. Oven is just like any other...only thing you don't get(obviously) is a clock and an oven lite!!! You have a standing pilot lite instead of electronic ignition. Ours only uses about 2--l00 # propane tanks a year and we do alot of bread baking. Miss my smooth top electric stove when it comes to cleaning it though. Our first non-electric stove was a Kenmore and worked fine...sold it when we moved here.

-- MUTTI (windance, April 23, 1999.

welcome to the land of " you waited to long". its only going to get worse, and I dont feel sorry for you, or anyone else thats procrastinated this long. got beans? got light? got kerosene? got gas? got water? got batteries? got art bell? got mustard and ketchup? got matches? got a coleman? got petromax? got the common sense to see it aint gonna be that bad?

-- ed (, April 23, 1999.

" beans? got light? got kerosene? got gas? got water? got batteries? got art bell? got mustard and ketchup? got matches? got a coleman? got petromax? got the common sense to see it aint gonna be that bad?"

Yes. Yes. Yes. Got Propane. Yes. Sort of. Once in a while. Yes. Oh yes. Yes, but no fuel yet (getting this weekend). You betcha! And lots of mantles too! I got the common sense to see that it will pay to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst-within my budget of course!

-- Jeremiah Jetson (laterthan@uthink.y2k), April 23, 1999.

What's this about not feeling sorry for someone??? Not everyone can purchase everything all at once. We all do what we can as we can. Let's show a little compassion for someone who is trying to get a handle on this situation and be prepared.

-- winna (??@??.com), April 23, 1999.

Re: propane stoves. Just about any bottom of the line gas, non- electric ignition stove can be used with propane. You can either order te model designed for propane or your propane co. can just change the orifice. simple. I have always gotten these basic stoves- they work forever and are cheap. Our current model was taken out of a California apt in the 70"s I believe and lived on a hippie schoolbus/camper for years before we aquired it . My partner recalls removing it from the CA apt in the 70's.....

so- no need to special order these from Lehmans, etc- just visit Sears or your local appliance store. Or- check out those small businesses that pick up old appliances and rebuild them for re-sale.

Yes- it's not easy for everyone to just go out and buy stuff. I picked up a single Alladin mantle and wick; was too broke to pick up more mantles then. Informed the members of my local Y2k group that the local hardware store had these plus an Alladin lantern and chimneys- one of the members ran down and bought them ALL!! argh....oh well! I DO know who has them now though......!!

-- anita (, April 23, 1999.

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