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I know, I Know Chaos, Well how many armys can one have ? Four for me Chaos is new for me and yes I'm jump on the bandwagon too. The Question is I have Chaos lord sorcerer with a jump pack , for the retinue: Should I use Vereran Chaos marines make them Aspiring Champions and buy the jump packs for 53pv? Or use Chaos Raptors rules and points ie: 35 pv? I want to make fast attacking army and need help in making one.

-- G. Edward Allen (, April 22, 1999


The Codex does not say that you can have Raptors as a retinue. There's nothing stopping you having a squad of Raptors as one of your Fast Attack choices and keeping your Lord near them. However, if you want them all to be as a single HQ choice, you will need to have Chaos Veterans.

Personally, I think Raptors are better because of their "Fearsome Charge" and "Hit and Run" special rules, which make them near unstoppable in close combat (unless you charge then into a f*****ng Blood Angels death company!)

Hope this helps.

-- Mike Connor (, April 23, 1999.

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