L.P. Gas conversion for generators ???

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Does anybody have information regarding converting generators to L.P. gas. I've been told that the valves and valve guides must be replaced because the L.P. gas burns hotter. I've been told that it doesn't matter. Anybody know for sure ????? Thanks !

-- reed moore (reed_moore@postmaster.co.uk), April 22, 1999


Engines designed to run on unleaded fuels should be OK with LPG. In New Zealand we run cars on LPG and CNG without problems except at very high mileages. Extra care is taken with the ignition timing so be sure to have a professional set up the engine for LPG.

Ask the engine manufacturer and follow the advice you get carefully.

-- Bob Barbour (r.barbour@waikato.ac.nz), April 22, 1999.


For information on conversion to LP/NG go here:


I just received a kit from them for a 6500W Generac. If you do buy a conversion kit, get the 12'optional hose kit too, as it comes with a regulator and fittings to run it off a portable propane cylinder. As far as engine life, the propane runs cooler, not hotter, than gas and it will usually extend the life of a converted engine to 2-3 times that of running on gasoline. Propane conversions in autos and trucks bear this out.

-- Gordon (gpconnolly@aol.com), April 22, 1999.

Call Jeremiah at Carburetion And Turbo Systems in MN (612) 445-3910. I found him to be the most helpful, and the kit I got was first rate, can run LP and natural gas. Because it's an "adapter" kit and not a "spud-in" type, I still retain my gasoline option, so it's really a tri-fuel kit. Other places have a long waiting list, I got my kit in under a week.

-- Buffalo Bob (buff@hal.com), April 23, 1999.

Gordon -

Two questions...

1. Why did you decide to convert? (ease of fuel storage, noise -Ive heard the generators run quieter, etc.)

2. I was just looking at the US Carb site yesterday - we are still in the discussion stage - how long did it take you to get your kit?


-- Valkyrie (anon@please.net), April 23, 1999.


I just received my kit a few days ago, and haven't made the modifications yet. It took about 4 weeks to get it. I am making the changeover due to fuel storage, primarily. I can have my local propane company place a 500 gallon tank near my garage. The kit seems to be high quality. The basic kit requires that you provide a connection line from the propane tank to the generator with 12psi of pressure available at the generator. If you purchase the optional hose kit (12'hose) it will come with the hose and a 12psi regulator that can hook up to any portable propane tank as well, which can give you a bit more flexiblity. I recommend this. Also, since you must make some modifications to the existing carburetor, which can not then be changed back to gasoline, you may wish to order a new carb from the generator company, then if you wish to switch back, you just swap the carbs in less than 1 hour and off you go again. There are dual fuel adaptor kits that let you run either fuel, but these will cost you power and are tricky to get set up exactly right, due to possible vacuum leaks on small engines. I'm not going with that way, but will just order another carb and keep it for a standby. Hope this helps.

-- Gordon (gpconnolly@aol.com), April 24, 1999.

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