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on my present 6x9/4x5 field arca swiss, i have the standard folding rail with a range of lenses. i have been taking portraiture with a 210 and find that i want to get in "tighter", more head and shoulder but i am unable to at this time(it's racked out all the way and the camera is as close to the subject as much as 5 to 7 feet) and perhaps need a longer rail. for those in the know, what ac rail would you recommend and why? thank you for your response

-- raymond a. bleesz (, April 22, 1999


I should think you will want a 40cm rails and bracket set. This is two 20cm sections and a full length bracket. You might be able to get buy however with a 30cm rails and bracket set since you'll be able to spread the rails and get an extra 10cm to 15cm in overall length.

-- Ellis Vener (, April 23, 1999.

I have the 30cm, expanding rail[A/S #043130]. With a 210mm lens I can compose a loose head & shoulders portrait. I would opt for a longer [40cm A/S #043140] rail since you already have a shorter one, and 30cm is just barely enough, the extra 10cm would be nice to have [on the 40cm]. I also have the standard bellows and find them to be at about their maximum extension with the 30cm rail racked out, so you may have to get an extension bellows as well[A/S #072060].

Hope this helps.

-- Robert Anderson (, April 23, 1999.

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