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A local church will be sponsoring a Y2K seminar tonight with a guest speaker from the Joseph Project, representatives from utilities, community government, Red Cross, hospital, banks, etc. Anyone have any suggestions or know of a link to a list of questions to ask such representatives - especially paying attention to the terms of "compliance", "guarantees", "Y2K readiness"? I know in my mind and heart what info I want to hear-- but with all the terminology I don't know if I can get to the bottom line without alot of fluff.

-- B Parker (, April 22, 1999



I don't have much info for you but a thought - do your best to not sound challenging, disbelieving, etc.....

I spoke for over 1 hour yesterday to our local county Ofc. of Emerg. Svc. director and made great progress towards starting community prep, was invited to Board of Sup. Y2K study group coming up, etc. I believe this gives a chance to do more good than if I would have alienated him.

A very Y2k aware and proactive, smart, kind etc. friend of mine had tried to speak to him in a group before and got overly emotional and things did not go well.

I also found that "starting with" the OES/Red Cross recommendations of 3-5 days didn't "scare him off" and by the end of the conversation he was quietly admiting to wondering if Cassandra Project (read...months!) goes too far...or perhaps not.

There is hope.

-- Kristi (, April 22, 1999.

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