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Ok Guys,

The Following was posted by Cory on CSY2K. Looks Like TSHTF in DEECEE and it's just not out yet.. Or Cory's pulling our leg which I seriously doubt.. Read on..

On Wed, 21 Apr 1999 01:13:55, "Bob Brock" wrote:

> Paul, according you you and Info, the failures that have already taken place > would be so significant that they couldn't be hidden. You were wrong then, > you are wrong now, and you will continue to be wrong in the future...


I expected close-outs and roll-ups to fail by now, lots of them and more than I've heard of.

I know of more failures than have hit the press. These are circulating in the DeeCee area geekvine (Enterprise Systems Division.)

For example, one of the large area banks has evidently scrambled their master file. The problem started in January 1999 and every month, the clowns are making it worse.

I tried to analyze the problem from the symptoms; it looks like a database integrity problem. They are completely out of control, wacked beyond reality and, get this, if you call them about it. They think everything is fine.

You get a lot of "Huh? Wha?" and the ever popular "Doh?" on the phone.

Based on this, I suggest that people 1) review and double check all banking records, 2) withdraw at least 1 months spending money to include money for gas, food, small purchases. Don't worry about bills that you pay by check. It's the ATM, debit card, and credit card purchases you need to cover.

I realize that -bks- will require formal proof (I don't care about the rest of you -bks- wannabes, please don't bother commenting.)

This isn't proof time yet. This is what I will do.

Over the next week, I'll attempt to resolve the problem with the bank, mostly to draw out from them the extent of the problem. I haven't detailed the problem but this is *not* a typographical error on a statement, this is a more substantive and persistant problem, more like a scrambled database; for PeeCeeWeeNees, it is as if you tried to read an Access file using dBase II.

When I ascertain the extent of the problem, I will detail it both here and in the Current WRP. I will email the phone number and name of a bank rep who is aware of the problem so that someone perhaps -bks- can call the bank and confirm that there is a problem.

I expect the bank will claim that this is *not* Y2K. Given the timing, January 1999, I believe it is a JAE problem, a JAE-like problem, or an artifact of Bozo-the-QA clown slamming a Y2K fix into production.

I expect them to deny, deny, deny. I will set it up so that they cannot do that.

If the bank will not come clean on this, I'll get some goons from the FDIC to beat up on them.

This appears to be a *serious* problem.

Remember too, Bob, that the welfare overpayment problems were *not* reported by the welfare clients. Those problems persisted for while before we heard of them.

cory hamasaki 255 Days, 6,121 Hours

-- Slammer (Slammer@NoSmap.Please), April 22, 1999


Could someone please provide a link to "csy2k" please.......? Thank you..

-- kevin (, April 22, 1999.

Here is the link:

csy2k Link


-- Ray (, April 22, 1999.

of course banks will deny any major problems they may have with master files etc, I anticipate that any data screw-ups they have will get progressively worse (as Cory states) until they are unable to fix it, the doors will be open to the last minute

-- dick of the dale (, April 22, 1999.

I don't have any definitive info for this one, but a friend mentioned that an aquaintance here in VT just had her health insurance "lost" along with 25 % of the rest of those covered by a health insurance co here when they attempted a tryout of their newly Y2K compliant system. The company is supposedly working hard to rconstruct the records, but meanwhile those attempting to use their health insurance cards are finding out they no longer 'exist" to the computer. Anyone hear about this one? It will never make it into our leftist papers here as the only Y2K related stuff they print is positive spin control, you're alright, we're alright........

-- anita (, April 22, 1999.

I've been hearing things on the grapevine too, Banks and Financial Institutions WILL NOT ADMIT ANY ERRORS until they actually tank. To do so would cause bank runs, stock losses, bankruptcy. It's happened before, it will happen again this year despite Flint and Hoffmeister and Paul Davis summoning up the god of Lucre with their faerie dances in the woods to prevent the coming debacle.

Corrupt Imported data IS REAL folks.

Can you imagine the damage this bank in Dee Cee is doing to other banks it interfaces with - and this has been happening since January.

I can assure you all that the other Banks are fixing the imported Dee Cee Bank's bad data manually.

We can afford to do this NOW for one or two bad Banks, we have full resources, manpower and infrastructure.

Not when there is an anormous flood of the same with a lack of the above three essentials.

The "manual fix" system simply will not be able to cope and the whole shebang hoses.

You can bank on it :)

-- Andy (, April 22, 1999.

My bank in the DC area had interesting "issues" between 1 and 5 April (coinciding with the start of FY 00).

I travel a lot to Canada on Y2K business and use my debit card out of my checking account to pay for everything. I am paying in Canadian dollars and the rate fluctuates. As a result, i never know how much money I have, so I print a quick statement frequently. I always have 2 or 3 transactions per day.

Between 1-5 April NO transactions posted, then, after that, everything was back to normal.

This is a bank that I KNOW has been working on Y2K for several years, I remember when they started, we sold them some programmers who understood Y2K. they even made sure that the safety deposit vault doesn't have some crazy timing mechanism which can fail.

-- Noel Goyette (, April 22, 1999.

There is no way the bank will own up to it. If its a Y2K problem, confessing it immediately takes the bank out of their insurers umbrella, and it also sets up the bank for customer panic. Well never hear about it unless we get a whistleblower, which also will never happen in a verifiable way.

-- Brett (, April 22, 1999.

You doomers are SOOO paranoid! Cory makes millions from WRP and is making up his sources. Andy is a Kosovo/NWO whacko so don't pay any attention to him. As for me, I can't live believing everyone is lying or covering up. I TRUST the FDIC and Alan Greenspan. After all, Greenspan has given us the longest boom in U.S. history.

Heck, our own local bank president said to me for an interview I did on him that their tests had gone swimmingly. He also said off the record that he might take money home from the bank at rollover in case the vaults broke down to help the community and they were figuring out how to do everything manually again .... oh, um,

.... never mind.

-- BigDog (, April 22, 1999.

Y2K ain't so bad. We've been getting a nice little monthly dividend in our checking account. Seems that some of our checks are clearing allright, but the bank doesn't deduct them from our balance. Vendors are happy. We're happy. And, the bank, well, is screwed. It's going to be a really interesting train wreck!

-- No No (, April 22, 1999.

About the insurance"no show". I didn't exist twice last year. I think the systems are too huge and it's easy to get lost in the shuffle.

-- margie mason (, April 22, 1999.

Big dog et al,

ye gotta laffe!

-- Andy (, April 23, 1999.

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