U.S., Japan Y2K experts warn against overreaction

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My question about the following is: precisely WHAT has been blown out of proportion?


U.S., Japan Y2K experts warn against overreaction

.c Kyodo News Service

SINGAPORE, April 22 (Kyodo) -- The top ''Y2K'' troubleshooters from the United States and Japan on Thursday warned against overreaction to the millennium bug.

''A growing problem concerning every country is the risk of overreaction by the public,'' John Koskinen, U.S. President Bill Clinton's adviser on the Y2K problem, said at a symposium organized by Japan, Canada and Singapore for members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum.

''It is clear that in the absence of information, people will assume the worst...No country can afford a lack of confidence that leads to runs on their financial institutions, hoarding of supplies, and increased fear,'' said Koskinen, who addressed the symposium from his office in Washington via videoconferencing.

He urged countries to share as much information as possible with each other and with the public about the state of their preparedness to tackle the millennium bug.

Takeo Shiina, chairman of Japan's high-powered Y2K advisers' conference, called for correct information about the problem to be disseminated to the public.

''A lot of these stories have been blown completely out of proportion...but they can easily cause anxieties and overreaction,'' he said. ''It is important for governments to understand and avoid unnecessary confusion caused by erroneous information.''

(End snip)

-- FM (vidprof@aol.com), April 22, 1999


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           &nbs p;           &n bsp;                       &nbs p;           &n bsp;   /
50%            &nbs p;           &n bsp;                       &nbs p;      /
           &nbs p;           &n bsp;                       &nbs p;            /
10%            &nbs p;           &n bsp;                      __ /
           &nbs p;           &n bsp;                        __/

|            &nbs p;    |            &nbs p;    |            &nbs p;    |            &nbs p;    |        <--- Months

Current            &nbs p;           &n bsp;        First Bank
           &nbs p;           &n bsp;                     Run


-- graphboy (graphboy@doh.net), April 22, 1999.

Go again, graphboy, I want to see what you're trying to do.

-- Lisa (lisa@work.now), April 22, 1999.


Is this somewhat close to what you wanted?

Y2K Panic Level
150%                                                _______________/
100%                                              /
50%                                              /
10%                                        __/

|                  |                  |                  |                  |        <--- Months

Current                                   First Bank

-- No Spam Please (No_Spam_Please@anon_ymous.com), April 22, 1999.

The spin doctors are at it again... panic about panic...


That's what I believe is the possibility of bank runs...


Mike ==================================================================

-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), April 22, 1999.

The problem is not public overreaction but government underreaction.

-- Old Git (anon@spamproblems.com), April 22, 1999.

"Precisely WHAT has been blown out of proportion?"

All of it, you idiot.

-- Thinx this is a Nutty Forum (you all overreact@calm.com), April 22, 1999.

"I DID NOT have sex with that women..... Monica Lewinsky, and Y2K is just a bump in the road."

Koskinen was hired by and works for Clinton.

Need I say more?

-- MarkonRisperdane (quke@ix.netcom.com), April 22, 1999.

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