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Seems as though Milne has been busy at the homestead. Building a fence or something. He hasn't be very visible lately. Busy guy.

Yet some take that as meaning Paul's been wrong about things. I's kind of funny watching some of you people dump on his ass because he's had more important things to do than post on csy2k. Like I said, he seems to be a busy guy. I must admit, I look forward to reading his view on things. I believe it isn't really that far from other people's on this forum.

Most of us have a lot to get done, whether it's getting our preps all figured out and in order, ( or like so many others ), just keep counting our money every day and floating along in our ( our your ) little worlds.

Just MHO but, I believe many that hang out here are well on their way toward being done. At least I hope most are. I have very little left to do but wait. I'm not looking forward to that. It might be the worst part of all.

Some are so willing to jump on people who are so very vocal. While at the same time, If things should turn out bad, these would be just as quick to jump over Milne's fence to try and take what they need. Just because they thought they knew everything.

I don't believe that anyone that is doing even the least in terms of preparation wants to be anywhere right about this.

Some see hunger, Some see nothing. Some see cold, Some see nothing. Some see thirst, Some see nothing. Some see violence, some see nothing. Some see suffering, Some see nothing. Some see death, Some see nothing.

Myself, I'm not blind. I can see.


-- 627 (, April 21, 1999


My response to polly's:

Born to be down... and you haven't heard it... before now... Born to be dumb... cuz your having... too much fun

And you just don't get it... you keep it cope-aesthetic... and you'll learn to accept it... you know your so pathetic...

Born to be down... you think you've learned your lesson... before now... born to be dumb... you were having... too much fun...

and you just don't get... and i've said this before now...


-- (, April 21, 1999.


Interesting. Even at a bump I see the same things. It's just too huge. Then I see someone like Maddie stumbling through her answers to congress, reinforcing this jaded vision.

-- R. Wright (, April 21, 1999.

Explain away the FACT that we are well into Y2K problems - by some estimates as much as 40% (most say 25% to 33%) are already present and making as much trouble as they will ever make. Go look at Cory H.'s own chart, look in Yourdon's stuff - he has it in there somewhere, check out Milnes own predictions as to where we would be right NOW, 4/22/99, from last year. Are you calling them pollys? Seen anything that is going to be TEOTWAWKI yet? Or just AUSOA? (an unending series of annoyances)

-- Paul Davis (, April 22, 1999.

Paul Davis...can't deny you're right about the early forecasts. That crystal ball is cloudy.

But Paul, you're here waiting like the majority us for the sky to start to fall...waiting for the first sign of panic...waiting for the inevitable to occur. I know you're more of a GI than many.

Cut the forecasters a little slack. Heck, I live in L.A. and I can't tell you how often the weather people get it wrong. We all know there will be weather we just don't know exactly when or how bad it will be.

We're all praying that the forecasts are wrong and the sun will keep shining.

Mike ===============================================================

-- Michael Taylor (, April 22, 1999.

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