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Consumer Reports is quite credible so mainstream America might (finally) take note of Y2K. (May issue.)

Example: "Food - during your routine shopping, buy extra non-perishable canned goods, paper supplies, and personal care products to squirrel away in the pantry. In the week before the New Year arrives lay in a few days' supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. . ." Although CR doesn't recommend amounts, it reproduces the Red Cross information re food. In its other categories, though, the reader can easily read between the lines. The article covers autos, parts and fuel, computers, food, water, phones, finances, insurance, credit cards, health and transportation/travel (finances and the latter two categories in more detail). While there is no sense of panic, the article isn't exactly pollyanna-ish either. Possible trouble dates (e.g., July 1, Sept 9) are also discussed. Three and a half pages of small type.

-- Old Git (, April 21, 1999


thanks so much for the tip on this article ....the spin is still on however and even howard stern is one sees any urgency be it prudent or extreme....but we do

-- vicki (, April 21, 1999.

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