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Recession in Latin America worse than IMF expected

WASHINGTON, April 20 (Reuters) - Economic decline will be deeper than expected in Latin America in 1999, with Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador and Uruguay joining Brazil in recession, the International Monetary Fund said on Tuesday.

Due to the severe slump in the region's powerhouse, Brazil, following its currency crisis, the IMF said Latin America's economies will decline an average 0.5 percent, from its previous estimate for 1.5 percent growth.


WORSE than the IMF **expected**??? Another four latin American Countries mired in depression.

Lions, tigers and Bears. Oh my!

One by one toppling all over the place.

My sides can't take it any more. I'm on the floor laughing so hard.

"Oh dear," says the IMF, fiscal Kevorkian,"It's worse than we **expected**."


Stop it! Stop it! yer killlllllin' me.


But wait! There's more IMF 'expectations'!

"But IMF Chief Economist Michael Mussa expected a turnaround in Brazil and the region as a whole in the second half of this year, followed by a strong rebound to 3.5 percent in 2000."

Expects? EXPECTS???


Stop it! Stop it! yer killlllllin' me.


I 'expect' I'll be laughing even harder in the near future. -- Paul Milne

If you live within five miles of a 7-11, you're toast.

-- a (a@a.a), April 21, 1999


Does Milne have a Web site and if so, what's the URL?

-- Novacop (, April 21, 1999.

Are you the pig farmer's new PR man a.a.a.?

-- Doomslayer (1@2.3), April 21, 1999.

That's four (4) 'a's doomslayer.

-- David (C.D@I.N), April 21, 1999.

Actually 5, but I get tired of typing it. Maybe I'll just use @ from now on.

-- Doomslayer (1@2.3), April 21, 1999.

Paul 'Butthead' "If I had my way, I'd would burn DC to the ground" Milne's site

--If you live more than 5 miles from 7-11, how you gonna get a slurpie?

-- Mutha Nachu (---@what a, April 21, 1999.


"lackey" is the apropriate term for 'a'... Butthead's Lackey....

-- Mutha Nachu (, April 21, 1999.

Novacop: here is where you can read his "rantings". They contain a good deal more analytical flair than you'll find from the other posters on this thread, who seem to think y2k has already been fixed, and the DOW will rise forever.

Milne's c.s.y2k postings

-- a (a@a.a), April 21, 1999.

WOW! I didn't know Mutha and Doomslayer were such experts on Latin American economics!

-- ROTFLMAO (LOL@the.pollys), April 21, 1999.

More fear mongers that can't read! Where did "mother" or "doomslayer" say ANYTHING about LA econo's? Geez....

Poor Mr. Milne. One can almost hear the nervousness in his laugh. I pity him; he so desperately needs to be right or he looks like a fool... poor gringo....

-- Latino Doom/Polly (loco@la.cabasa), April 21, 1999.

Thanks Triple a... Novacop

-- Novacop (, April 22, 1999.

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