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Bob, what are the job prospects for computer people in your fair country, whats life like, I've heard a lot about OZ from relatives and residents, not much about NZ, sounds like a much nicer place for POMs (fewer nasty locals, I mean insects, crocs and the like) are kiwis more predisposed to POMs

-- dick of the dale (, April 21, 1999


You POMs will find NZ to be even more expensive than Oz. Have no idea about jobs and immigrating except that I think POMs can where we Yanks can't unless we meet a VERY narrow pt system. Besides, you can freeze to death in NZ. However, you are right about the lack of varmits. Taz

-- Taz (Tassie, April 21, 1999.

Hi Dick,

The best information I can provide is at:

this page will lead you into all the immigration information you may want.



To work in New Zealand you must: 1.hold a New Zealand or Australian passport, or 2.have New Zealand or Australian Permanent Residency status, or 3.hold a valid New Zealand work permit.

Work Permits

In most cases to gain a work permit, you must have a valid job offer from a bona fide New Zealand employer and the offer must be for a position for which the New Zealand employer can prove to New Zealand Immigration authorities that there is apparently no one else presently in New Zealand who can fill that position.

To satisfy this requirement, NZ employers (or recruitment agencies on their behalf) will need to have advertised extensively in the NZ media and thus be able to prove to the Immigration authorities that there was no or only little, and unsuitable, response.

Work permits can be granted up to a maximum of three years, but one to two years is more common. In addition to being limited as to duration, work permits are issued specifically naming the employer for whom you are working - if you leave that employment, then the work permit is invalidated.

Work permits are more easily obtained for the scarcer and more skilled positions, including IT, medical, engineering, teaching, etc.


Academics or experienced IS professionals could talk directly with me about possible employment.

Healthy competent hard working law abiding people are always welcome in New Zealand. For dedicated POMs Christchurch in the South Island has been a favourite destination.

Persons with a more cosmopolitan disposition will find Auckland, the largest city more ammenable. Those seeking a quieter life will find many places and opportunities outside the larger cities.

Note 1: our valued welfare system has been largely dismantled over the last ten years as NZ has come under the influence of 'generica'.

Note 2: Oz is a fine country and so are the people. (my guess is Taz is from Tasmania, a rocky bit to the south of Western Island).

-- Bob Barbour (, April 21, 1999.

Sorry Taz, I see you claim to be a Yank. We have many American people who find NZ to their taste, and others who have hurried home..

-- Bob Barbour (, April 21, 1999.


Don't write off Australia!

I'm a ex-Brit from Dorset, now a naturalised Aussie, and I've never had any trouble with Pom haters, there really aren't any if you try to 'fit in' and don't whinge too much. I've been here since 1969.

The wildlife won't bother you if you don't bother it, besides, if you're a mainframer you are pretty much restricted to Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra. (I'm in Canberra). Very few crocodiles in any of those locations!

Tons of work here at the moment, you should have little trouble (depending on skill set) finding a job, and rates aren't bad. Immigration should be no problem if you're a skilled pro.

Come to Aus quickly, I intend to be lounging by the pool (emergency water supply) and sipping a Fosters (or a fine Aussie Champagne) as the century rolls over. Our site (normally 7*24) is shutting down from noon 31/12 to noon 01/01 to avoid century spanning on any files (especially IMS logs etc) so I'm guaranteed a quiet night. For what its worth, I would recommend this strategy at any site where 7*24 is not absolutely critical. Avoids a lot of potential problems and is good for the people, I might start a thread on the topic.

Contact me if you want any specific info on Australia.


PC folk can find work in the larger metropolitan areas.

-- Ron (, April 21, 1999.

Hi Ron in OZ,

Folks, Ron is correct about job opportunities in OZ. With 20 million odd people, (I mean 'about 20 million' not that the 20 million are odd!) the chances of work are better than with 3.5 million people in NZ.

For GB people there is nowhere in New Zealand as cold as Brighton in the Winter. Most places in New Zealand are warmer than Brighton in the summer.

For people in the US: NZ is an island nation. Northern California to the Canadian border is much like the climate in the South Island. The North Island is more subtropical, no frosts in winter.

The best strategy for getting into New Zealand is to come here on a holiday. Get a job lined up while you are here then do the immigration stuff. Make sure your buy a return air ticket, just in case.

Stuff here will explain how.

Good Luck

-- Bob Barbour (, April 21, 1999.

Bob and co thanks very much for the info. I'll give it some thought.

Yes POMs are whingers, the thing is they have plenty to whinge about, but as I keep saying you only have yourselves to blame, a country is only as good as the people living in it and what they do, POMs can't seem to grasp the concept of responsibility.

Also antipodeia is farther from Yugo (the country not the cars)

-- dick of the dale (rdale@coynet .com), April 22, 1999.

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