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I have some vcd's that work on my pc when they are new, so I know that they work (at least once). These are brand new vcd's that I got from a retailer. When I try to play them later, all of a sudden my cd-player can't read off of the disk. It just rotates in the machine till I just have to eject it.

Is there something on vcd's that cause them not to read on the cd player that I don't know about?

I use media player and/or active movie control.


-- Jerold Lopez (, April 19, 1999


Buy a Video CD player program. They handle it better than Media Player and ActiveMovie. The best are XingMpeg Player and Cyberlink PowerDVD(unlike the rest of the DVD software decoders, PowerDVD can play back both DVD and VCD from one program). Both are cheap if bought online $30.00 for XIng and $45.00 for PowerDVD.

-- Will Shakes (, May 07, 1999.

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