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I have a new Y2K website,; I invite anyone who thinks that part of it is in error to contact me about it. (It's new, and rough in spots, to say nothing of it only having 2/3 of my finished articles on it so far, so please be forgiving about its format so far).

-- MinnesotaSmith (, April 19, 1999


Why do you think that 19 months preparation will be necessary?

-- Stephen M. Poole, CET (, April 19, 1999.

Good luck in your new money making venture.

-- R. Wright (, April 20, 1999.

MinnesotaSmith Site

-- Duane (Duane24062@AOL.COM), April 20, 1999.

One last try - I left my HTML book home :-(

Minnesota Smith Site

-- Duane (, April 20, 1999.

Please, lose the light-text-on-black-background color scheme. It projects a foreboding atmosphere, not compatible with a "Safe" message intent. (That is your intent, isn't it?)

I find the small text quite hard to read. SIZE="3"????? Splurge a little. "4" won't kill you, and won't drive away as many of the prospective customers who remain despite the color scheme.

Let's put it this way: is excellent vision a requirement to be your customer? If not, then don't drive away prospects who have not-so-good vision. Get someone with not-so-good vision to review your pages.

-- No Spam Please (, April 20, 1999.

"A) For $150.00 (up front), I will come and talk informally for approximately three hours on Y2K."

Projected reponse:

My newspaper has articles on Y2k. $0.25 each, with the comic strips, movie reviews, local, state, national and international news, and sports scores thrown in for free.

Oh ... _talk_ ... you mean, like with my neighbors? At $50/hour? Are you a shrink?

You let me know right away that the $150 has to be _up front_, do you? Like you don't trust me? After telling me you want to _talk_ with me at $50/hour?

Get out of here. [The preceding sentence has been bowdlerized for the sake of maintaining a family-oriented atmosphere in this forum. -- The editor]

-- No Spam Please (, April 20, 1999.

I think you need a professional sales consultant.

-- No Spam Please (, April 20, 1999.

Anything you got wrong?

Yeah, the whole web-site is wrong.

-- ROFL (y2k@hysteria.runamok), April 20, 1999.

Get a real job.

-- Daryll (, April 20, 1999.

1. Tried the [Submit Feedback] form - data seemed to enter okay, but when the actual [Submit] button was pressed, I only got repeated "404" form missing errors, regardless of what was filled out or left blank in the "Letters" page.

Request you check that part of the function out.

(Hint - many users will not want to fil in phone numbers on a webb site)

2) Completely concur with the observation that you should swap the dark background and light text - it makes it easier to print, easier to read after printing too.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, April 20, 1999.

I'm just reading your site now, and it's really very good. Very hardcore, and very practical insights.

-- humptydumpty (, April 20, 1999.

Jeez all - get a grip huh? Fonts too small? "view"/increase font! I love the way ppl bitch about somebodyELSES work. If you can do it better -do it - don't bitch.

-- mojo (, April 20, 1999.


>Fonts too small? "view"/increase font!

Uhmm ... where's that option in Netscape Navigator 3.01?

-- No Spam Please (, April 20, 1999.

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