HP2500CP Media after PS4.5 Addendum

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I just added the Addendum and it totally changed the standard media for the HP2500CP. I understand the changes being made for wide mask, but how come you now don't have different Media models and profiles for dye and pigment(UV) inks? How come there is no standard media for Changeable Opaque or Changeable Opaque UV.

My main interest is optimized printing with HP-UV inks. Is there some special way that I need to handle them now?

What happened? Dave

-- Anonymous, April 19, 1999


We did not have all of the HP medias when the widemask driver shipped.

However, a complete set of HP medias profiles for the 4.5. Addendum driver are now available on the Onyx Website at:


This set includes indoor and outdoor media profiles.

-- Anonymous, April 30, 1999

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