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We just purchased a diplaymaker 6000 with and onyx rip on windowsNT. The manual says we need printer drivers for our Mac computers to work with the NT. Where can I get these. ThankYou, Greg

-- Greg Meyerratken (, April 19, 1999


No special drivers are required for your Mac (only the Onyx/Colorspan drivers for your NT workstation or server) You only need a network connection to your PC or a "sneaker-net" solution (transfer your file on removeable media). You may choose to export your Mac files and rip them in Postershop or use the WinConnect program to send your files to a folder that Postershop will then process. I've been using my Mac, NT 4.0, Colorspan RIP station and a DM6K for over a year in this fashion with no probl

-- Stefan Vann (, April 30, 1999.

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