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I bought several adult VCDs in Hong Kong more than a month ago. When playing it in my computer or Sony Playstation (with movie card), the movie seems to be censored--there are cuts here and there so it's like watching an R-rated movie only. However, when played on this big VCD player of my friend, the movie isn't cut at all--you see everything. Any explanation for this?

-- Jin Kazama (, April 19, 1999


The Playstation movie card and your computer are dropping frames. It is not cut, you just have to adjust your player to accomadate the movie. If the player can not play back all the frames it drops a few or a few thousand. Look for out of sync sound, if you have that then yes you have dropped frames.

-- Will Shakes (, May 07, 1999.

Japanese porngraphic law requires mosiac screening over the actor/actress sex organs when the vcd is playing. If you see a mosiac over the sex organs in some of your vcds purchased in Hong Kong, there maynot be a problem with the machine. If the movie bounces from frame to frame at times, the movie isn't positioned properly in the player. Stop and eject the disk. Simply reset the disk in the player and restart the movie.

-- Bruce Bentley (, September 03, 2002.

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