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A new y2k humor page. dIETER, iS tHIS yOU?


-- FM (, April 19, 1999


FM, I enjoyed the link and had a good laugh. One of my favorites from the millibug web site so far:

I want to find a hill overlooking a city, so I can see the power grid. I will have a car full of emergency supplies. The rest of the night's plans is contengent on what happens at the stroke of midnight. If the power goes out, I will laugh maniacally for a minute or so, then drive off away from the general direction of civilization. If nothing happens, I will drive back home, tail-between-legs, and hope the world ends some other day." - Thomas, age 18

It reminded me of quite a few MIT guys I used to know in the old days.

-- Stan Faryna (, April 19, 1999.

DoWn wiTh comPuterS!

-- Max Dixon (, April 19, 1999.

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