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Taken from the "Best of Good Housekeeping"Magazine 1922-1940

1.HOMEMADE SOAP FLAKES.Put bars of soap through a mincing machine.The dryer the soap,the easier to mince.This is much easier than trying to flake the soap by scraping with a knife. (If you want to grate a lot of cheese for cooking or freezing,its quicker using a mincer rather than a cheese grater)

2.A SUBSTITUTE HOT WATER BOTTLE.Place an old magazine in the the oven until thoroughly heated,then wrap it in a piece of soft flannel.It will retain its heat for a long time.

3.HOMEMADE BARLEY WATER.Wash four tablespoons of barley,put it into a saucepan of cold water.Bring quickly to the boil,pour off water and rinse barley & saucepan.Put one quart of fresh cold water onto the barley in the saucepan together with the thinly peeled rind of one lemon,bring to the boil & simmer for one hour.Strain & cool.Add suigar & lemon juice to taste.

-- Chris (, April 18, 1999


Re No. 2: my grandmother used to heat bricks in the oven--they stayed hot for several hours.

Re No. 3: Few, if any, Americans know what barley water is.

-- Old Git (, April 18, 1999.

UHHHhh yes, I woul.d like to know what barley water is for. Who knows, I might need it.

-- gilda jessie (, April 18, 1999.

Hehehe....from "Mary Poppins" - The scene: the Banks' children have written their own add for a replacement nanny. This is just before our heroine, Mary shows up. We join the song in progress:

",...Never be cross or cruel, never give us castor oil, or gruel. Love us as a son and daughter, and never smell of barley water,...(the children turn up their noses here)"

So, was it used for cosmetic purposes? Skin softener? I'm only guessing, despite knowing THAT song. LOL

-- Donna Barthuley (, April 18, 1999.

Hi, Barley Water is a soft drink that has been around in the UK for many, many years.It is still sold today & I believe is still offered to the tennis players at Wimbledon.It was popular as a drink for convalescents as it is a non-irritant.

That cultural divide again!!Many thanks to the Old Git for acting as a bridge.

-- Chris (, April 19, 1999.

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