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I know this is a no-no...

My brother and I have quite a bit of surplus Konica gear (he upgraded to an FT-1 and I have too many lenses (12). We have

(A) Autoreflex TC body - low miles, konica strap, manual (B) 200/3.5 Hexanon - orig caps, case, skylight (67)(very sharp) (C) 35-70/2.8-4 Sigma macro: orig caps (a very nice, very sharp lens) (D) 70-210/4 Sigma macro: orig caps (another nice lens) (E) Rubber eyecup (big) for round eyepieces (i.e. T/T2/T3) (F) 24/28mm Konica metal hood

*all items are in very nice condition*

We are asking US$70 for the body, 60 for each lens, 3 for the eyecup and 8 for the hood. Add your choice of shipping - min $5.50 (obviously less for the hood/eyepiece. If you buy either of the zooms we also have some lovely metal hoods as options.

And if you're hell bent on a 40/1.8 with the TC, we can supply one for an additional $30 (but only with the body - we would have to purchase it locally for you, since we're not selling ours!).

Thanks Dante Stella

-- Anonymous, April 18, 1999

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