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Hosted by United Eco-action Funds Big Island Millennium Round Table, Ed Yourdon gave a humorous but piercing wake up call before a multi-ethnic crowd that made even the Volcano Goddess Pelee smile approvingly.

County council members and National Guard officers mingled with Hawaiian farmers and fishermen and with the thinking people of the island.

Honored with Ed was Dr. Earl Bakken, inventor of the pacemaker, for his vision as a founder and supporter of the Big Island Millennium Round Table that seeks to promote awareness and preparedness. The need for our community to close ranks was made quite clear by Ed. Food, clean water and medical preparations are the peoples priorities. Clearly the State and County authorities lag far behind the people in awareness. The mayor sent his regrets and did not show up. No one was surprised.

Big Island citizens were encouraged to reach far and wide and seek others to create a network of awareness and mutual protection.

We thank you once again Ed Yourdon for your hard and life protecting work.

Kona Kanaka, Pono, Aldo, Viki, Orlando, Lorenzo, Laurianne. and all the many brothers and sisters present

For contacts and info go to: www.uneco.org and click on: Y2K or just drop us a line at: bimrt@uneco.org



-- United Eco-action Fund (Aldo@uneco.org), April 18, 1999

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