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Hundreds hear message: Prepare for Y2K doom

Saturday, April, 17, 1999


It had the feel of an old-fashioned evangelistic tent meeting, with prayer, singing and a sermon-like talk that ranged from dire economic forecast to household tips.

Instead of passing the collection plate, they passed the portable toilet.

A Norton Shores couple who have devoted themselves to spreading the word on the perils of Y2K handed out literature, suggestions and dire predictions at a public forum Friday night at the Muskegon Mall in downtown Muskegon.

Their message? Prepare for the worst.

Joseph Almond - who planned the meeting with his wife, Shirley - urged the crowd to stockpile crucial items in preparation for an economic depression.

But he denied he was on hand to spread panic. "I don't want a stampede," he said. "That's why I'm here tonight.

The forum, held in the vacant site of the old Lerner's store in the mall, dealt with suggestions on preparing for the power outages, shortages and social disruption the Almonds believe will result from Y2K-related computer failure. Joseph Almond estimated the crowd at 500 to 600.

Volunteers handed out literature to the crowd, including a pair of lists Almond said have been posted on the Internet. One was a list of 100 ideas and resources for preparing the home for Y2K.

The other listed 100 items the Almonds believe will disappear during what they describe as "the panic of 1999."

There was no shortage of vocal barbs aimed at government and business officials who predict that Y2K may not be the paralyzing disaster the Almonds predict.

Y2K commonly refers to problems many computers are expected to encounter registering the date when the new century arrives. Many observers fear the programming bug will result in bad data or outright computer failure, causing a broad array of potential problems.

"Folks, if you like fiction, write a letter or make a phone call to any major utility, bank or brokerage," Almond said. "It's bubble gum, kids.

"I don't even tangle with them anymore. I ignore what they have to say."

But Almond saved his sharpest barbs for another target. In the second hour, his talk detoured into a criticism of President Clinton, drawing applause from some while prompting others to walk out.

"Clinton's part of the reason Y2K's going to happen," he said. "He wants Y2K to happen. He's the most immoral man who ever graced the White House. He's the most dangerous man in America."

When one man questioned the propriety of the criticism, another audience member stood to confront him. A shouting match ensued. Almond apologized for the turn the event had taken.

Not everyone was impressed with the presentation. Almond urged the crowd to call their local government leaders and a demand a town meeting, complete with experts on electrical power, fuel availability and Y2K compliance.

Lori Szost, a member of the audience, stood to confront him. "Where are they?" she asked. "Did you bring them here tonight?"

Almond said he had asked an official of the Muskegon Fire Department to attend.

Afterward, Szost expressed her frustration. "I wanted to hear an expert," she said, "and he's not one."

An employee with an office machines firm, she said she does computer consulting work. She said she believes there will be glitches, "but the power is not just going to stop working."

Almond told the crowd it was up to them to demand answers from elected officials. "I'm just one voice," he said. "But you have clout."

"Call your civic leaders," Shirley Almond said. "Light a fire under them. They should be having those meetings."

The Almonds brought several items on their scarcity list to display to the crowd. One, a portable toilet, took on an entirely different use at the end of the forum.

Joseph Almond asked the crowd to place donations in the portable potty to help offset more than $3,000 he said the couple had spent on advertisements, chairs and copying.

"I plead with you," he said. "Think of what we have sacrificed and cushion our blow."

-- Y2K pro (, April 17, 1999


And y2k Prairie Dog pops out of his hole once more, sniffs around, spots the yourdon forum, relieves himself, and, self-satisfied, mission accomplished, pops back down to his netherworld in smug anticipation of his next outing to the forum.

Good Dog!

-- Andy (, April 17, 1999.

Pretty good Y2K pro, but I liked Can't Believe It, Broadway's skit better. It was a lot more humourous and original. But keep trying.

-- Gordon (, April 17, 1999.

Y2K Pro, in about 8 1/2 months you will realize what a total fool you've been!

I certainly hope you don't have a wife and kids that you're responsible for!

If you do then you're a greater fool!!!

-- smitty (, April 18, 1999.

Please post this sort of stuff on Pastor Chris' Y2K forum, and leave us wackos alone! <:)=

-- Sysman (, April 18, 1999.

The fact is that ranting about Clinton deliberately causing Y2K turns a lot of people off. The fact is that, at this moment, informing people about Y2K is more important than placing blame. Clinton is going to be President until the next election, whether we like it or not. Y2K is going to be here, whether we like it or not (and, actually, it's more certain than Clinton being in office). There's not much we can do about Clinton without using all our time; that time is better spent on Y2K preps and helping and informing others--if they want to hear. The more people turned off by ranting, the fewer people will be prepared, the more pressure will be put on those of us who HAVE prepared. Let's work at ameliorating the problems caused by Y2K, leave the luxury of blame for later. If you've already got your preps up to speed, then offer some time to, say, forming a co-op or helping with local Y2K activities.

Sweetie and I Got It about 8-1/2 months ago. We still have to prepare a bit more and we're not at the poverty income level. There are those who STILL don't know serious problems loom and there's only 7-1/2 months left to go. Let's get cracking on amelioration, not blame.

-- Old Git (, April 18, 1999.


The optimist fell ten stories.

At each window bar

He shouted to his friends:

"All right so far."

-- Poetry Lover (, April 18, 1999.

"... It would be argument for a week, laughter for a month, and a good jest for ever." William Shakespeare, Henry IV

-- Donna Barthuley (, April 18, 1999.

"Call your civic leaders," Shirley Almond said. "Light a fire under them. They should be having those meetings."




-- Diane J. Squire (, April 18, 1999.

Joseph Almond and his wife Shirley are completely NUTZ. Yes Y2K is a critical issue but, Almond turns virtually every article he writes into a way of proselytizing for his bizarre mormon beliefs. He hounds Christians forums with his unwanted and unneeded opinions. Yes, I am all for free speech but, I don't go to the Mosque and try to convert Muslims or vise versa. The Almond's are free to start their own web page, forum etc. and proselytize their all day and night but, Christians do not want to be bothered by Almond's trash, much of which isn't even Mormon beliefs but his own far out ideas................................................................. ...................................................................... ...................................................................... .................................. Joseph GO BACK TO EGYPT

-- Anti-Almond (, April 18, 1999.

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