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Dear All, Is it possible mount FD lenses onto Nikon bodies, and if it is are there disadvantages of doing so. With thanks, David

-- David Bertioli (, April 17, 1999


Without adding relay optics to maintain infinity focus, the only way to mount FD on Nikon F is to modify the lens. This is due to the Nikon mount register (film plane to front surface of mount on camera) being something like 3mm greater than the FD. Therefore, a simple, non optical adapter will not work. BTW, I saw a 300 f4L at a NW swap meet that had the FD mount removed and a Nikon F put in it's place. I don't think any of the auto diaphragm mechanism operated because Nikon and Canon mechanisms move in opposite directions and it would be a job to reverse them.

If you're doing macro work with tubes or bellows and reversing rings then all you need is a Nikon F to filter thread adapter. Canon made a gizmo called a macro auto ring that mated with the camera end of the reversed lens that used a double cable release to stop down the lens while the exposure was made.



-- Duane Kucheran (, April 20, 1999.

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