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I've noticed that every so often the National Audit Office publishes what appears to be an honest report on the state of compliance in different industry sectors.I say "honest", because the reports are usually at total variance to the industry's/ industry regulators's own reports.

Does anybody have any links to these reports on the Net,please ?

-- Chris (, April 17, 1999


If you mean the General Accounting Office:

here it is


-- Scott Johnson (, April 17, 1999.

I just realized you're a Brit, so...

try this one


-- Scott Johnson (, April 17, 1999.

Scott, Many thanks for the links.I had indeed found the Brit site but those reports are by the industry regulators & their findings having been critised by the National Audit Office as being somewhat inaccurate...hence my question.I'll spend more time searching.

-- Chris (, April 18, 1999.

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