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I was wondering... When you have a T90 upgraded to accept a PC plug, where do they put this contraption? Do they actualy put a new hole in the body or is it a part that slips into the how shoe or what? I am looking into buying a Canon T90 and I own a Sunpak 544 (which is not only no dedicatable but requires the use of a PC socket) Are there any places that can still upgrade a T90 in this way or am I better off selling my 544 and getting a 555 or a 522? If so, does anyone have any recomendations on which flash to go with?

-- Josh Rosenthal (, April 17, 1999


Hi Josh. The PC socket is drilled and fitted into the prism housing of the T/90. I hear that the good California repair shops recommended in the "All- T/90" forum's message board( write if you cant find it and I'll dig up the URL),can install one. There is nothing that would prevent you from buying any quality hot shoe to PC adapter (such as the Nikon AS-15) that just slips in the hot shoe and using a PC contact flash that is electrically compatible- dont know about the Sunpack line ( I refer to trigger voltage compatibility,- see Popular Photography May 1999. First option,hands down, is to buy the 300 TL flash made for the T/90. Second best is to get one of the EOS models like the 540EZ that will work very well in the hot shoe of the T/90 (Canon kept the five pin contacts and most functions work well they say) and the pair will be 'almost fully' dedicated. I suggest get the camera and have no qualms about flash capabilities.

-- Gerry Siegel (, May 07, 1999.

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