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In yesterday's thread,

You wrote:

"I glanced at de Jager's article and do not agree. If you expect problems (and we all should make up our own mind), I suggest 3 months as an absolute minimum."

Do you mean to include three months of water, alternative heat/light and sewage disposal (in addition to food)?


What ever happened to Cherri's offer to contribute to one of your WRP's. As I recall, Cherri stated he/she was qualified, and made the offer. Follow up?

-- FM (, April 17, 1999


1. It's a suggestion. You may want to consider longer periods of time. You may want a more inclusive plan. I've been very open about my own situation, as has Ed Yourdon, as has paul milne and lots of others. You make your own bed. I have enough stored fat on my tummy to go, oh, 3 weeks or longer.

2. I haven't heard from cherri. I look forward to the article as do others.

-- cory (, April 17, 1999.

Thanks! :)

-- FM (, April 17, 1999.

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