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From Organic Gardening and Farming, March 1977.


Protein count of peanuts--39% (soybeans 39%). Author grew successfully in "heavy, rocky Ozark clay." Grow wonderfully in humusy soil. Not a totally southern crop--Spanish peanuts will grow in Michigan and S. Dakota, for instance.

Plant after danger of frost is past, placing two shelled kernels 1" deep in "hills" 12" apart. Two or three feet between rows. In rich soil, kernels can be 8" apart in 30" rows (summer varieties) or 3" apart in 12" rows for smaller-growing Spanish type.

Seedlings emerge in about a week. Author places large handful of bone meal (phosphorous0 and wood ash potassium between each plant, working in with hoe. Good idea to innoculate with nitrogen-fixing bacteria but don't have to. Many kernels don't sprout. Where two failed and two succeeded, take extra seedling and place in blank space.

Plants will flower in about a month. Nuts form about an inch below surface. If soil is hard, put down good layer of mulch--peanuts will form in mulch.

Peanuts are remarkably drought-resistant. Don't seem to be bothered by insects. Can get a touch of leaf spot.

Taste to see if ready to harvest. If you see young, light-green sprouts among the older dark-green foliage, it's a sure sign to harvest,

In northern states, harvest will be a race with frost. Light freezes don't seem to hurt mature plants. Mulch can always be piled over them at night and removed during the day.

At harvest time, dig up plants with shovel, shake dirt loose from roots and nuts and cure them (let leaves dry out so nuts will ripen a bit longer). Author lays plants in single layer on shed roof to sun-dry. After foliage is dry, he picks nuts loose from roots and places in burlap bag. Then he hangs the bag in a warm, airy room to dry thoroughly.

Goats and other livestock will relish dried leaves and stems, make good substitute for alfalfa hay.

-- Old Git (, April 16, 1999


Thanks, Old Git, I really enjoy your survival tips. The kids should have fun growing these!

-- winna (??@??.com), April 16, 1999.

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