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I ahve been thinking about y2k and how Clinton will respond. I have added it to the 0 to 10 senarios. If y2k is a 0-2,(yeah right!)that Clinton will declare that he was responcible for soving the problem, and give some of the credit to "the father of the internet" AlGore. He will also kill some survivalists in raids(read: ruby ridge and WACO) and claim theey were terrorists. If y2k is a 3-5, then he will blame the survivalists and "fenaticlcristian deathwishers" for the damare that was caused, pass more uncomsttituional laws and take more freedoms away. He will also have many raids on survivalsts and turn the population against us. (read: persicution). If y2k is a 6-9, then hee will pin the computer failures on AlGore, using him as a fall guy, and pin the panic(which will be called a much wworse problem) on " deathwish" christians, "corrupt jewish bankers" and "waco survialists". He will declare marshal law, and call in the help of the UN. He will take over and call for a "purge against us. There will be a worldwide use of us as scapegoats, and we will be herded into extermination camps. If its a 10, than he will blame us, and then call for a purge again, but will face collape, and run like the like coward he is. If WWIII comes out of the kosovo situation, than he will manuver america to bee defeated, and become a collaaborator for our enemies, and write about how he did it.

-- Crono (, April 16, 1999


learn to spell!!

-- thom (give me @break.not), April 16, 1999.

DieTeR.....come back and put some "reality " into the forum. How do these wackos find us?????

As Whoopie Goldberg said in one of her movies, "gotta quit doing this shit"

-- Taz (, April 16, 1999.

My but itchiz. Sumtyms wen I scratch it it itchiz mor.

-- skool is excelent (, April 16, 1999.

Suggest you look past the spelling to what is being said. Prejudice based on something cosmetic like spelling is elitist. Experience can be a wise teacher. Just because you have "book learning" doesn't mean your ideas and knowledge have more weight. I have dealt with plenty of fools with many letter after their names who emerged from the ivory tower university culture without a clue as to the practical and social realities of life - but they could construct a computer model to manage it - ha!

-- allears (, April 16, 1999.

I'm sorry about the spelling, but my computer does not have a spell checker. So shoot me. It's not my fault, I was in a hurry, and had to leave quickly. What I'm saying makes sense, Dieter, if you'ld read it for what it's worth.

-- Crono (, April 16, 1999.

the dude makes a good point: however y2k pans out, Billy Jeff will be ready to either take credit or place blame. (and most of the folks on this forum have a big red bullseye on their chests). Also, either way our freedoms and rights will continue to erode.

lighten up on the spelling thing. Ivory tower snobs, the kind of folks who have a coniption over the improper use of a semi-colon, are some of the biggest butt-heads I've ever met. (rule of thumb: The more letters after their name, the more of an idiot-stick they're likely to be.)

Speaking of spelling, didja hear Dan Quayle is concerned about NATOE?

-- rick blaine (, April 16, 1999.

Thank you, Rick, you can see what I'm talking about right? What do you think, INVAR? Or you y2kpro(le)?? Or anyone else?? I'd like to hear what you think Clintoon will do?? Answers would be helpful! But please don't mock my spelling as a response!!.

-- Crono (, April 16, 1999.


You are certainly on the right track here - the situation is still fluid to a certain degree but the broad outline is not going to be good for the USA (understatement). I could say a lot more but this is not the time or place. Why not check out David Icke's latest book - "The Biggest Secret" - he covers the Clintons and their agenda in GREAT detail.

Joe-Bob says check it out.

-- Andy (, April 16, 1999.

If you want an example of what I'm talking about here, go read that Jan Times magizine, with the guy holding the cross. They blame the survivalists for worring about the "horribly overblown" y2k issue. They call those who prepare "fanatics", and "deathwish christian threats", and "cults"!!. before the problems begin, we are blamed, so how will it be afterwards????

-- Crono (, April 16, 1999.

Sadly Crono,

You're right on target with your speculations...WHICH by the way are based on WHAT CLINTON HAS DONE.

He's got a track record of M.O. that he sticks to religiously because it has worked EVERY time during his political career; deny, deny, deny. Spin, spin, spin. Attack the detractor, and destroy his/her credibilty. Assign an agenda to them. Destroy them utterly.

It doesn't take a genious to see (based on past experience) that king Clinton will take no responsibilty for his lack of leadership that results in chaos, and that his ideological enemies will face annihilation by his skillful use of emotional rhetoric. It only takes the thinking to see that.

He's on a one-way track to tyranny. He already governs by E.O., bypassing Congress and making them cower at his use of political might.

With his known desire for vengeance, and his insatiable appetite for power - we should all be VERY afraid.

What he does in anticipation of Y2K or global war should shake you to your knees (I don't mean in front of the rapist-In-Chief).

Methinks Clinton is setting us up for a takeover anyway. He's left us practically defenseless, spurned all of our allies and coddled avowed enemies.

If you don't think that can happen, you also probably didn't think that cigarrette smoking would be banned in public places either.

-- INVAR (, April 16, 1999.

thanks INVAR, I'm glad you can see it too! I know of a few others who do too, but mos people are asleep. :(

-- Crono (, April 16, 1999.


I think you are right with the exception of your perspective that Clinton is going to "react" to the outcome level of y2k...rather than, what I believe is, he will "determine" the level for which he wants and that best suits his needs, and the needs of the elitist for which he is meerly a puppet... the capability is available to make y2k worse that it might be, given it's natural course and the level of remediation that is reached by the end of this year...if it isn't bad enough to suit Clinton's needs, he will make it worse

I'd like to point out (for those of you looking forward to the next election) that the NWO mentality is not limited to liberal extremists...IMHO Texas Gov. Bush is a democRAT in Republican's clothing...a real snake in the grass...if you can get him to voice an opinion on an issue, you cannot trust him...a good example is his claims of giving public education back to the local level, away from Federal control, and then secretly supporting and initiating the "Goals 2000"...don't forget, his father, President Bush proudly mentioned the NWO in one of his public speeches...the Bush's come from old European fiat money

Texas Terri

-- Texas Terri (, April 16, 1999.

Spelling is not the issue. It is the co-ordination between brain and fingers that is the problem. Chill out!!!!!!!!

-- SCOTTY (, April 16, 1999.

Does anyone think that we can begin to upgrade this forum to what it once was rather than posting paranoid drivel and grossly useless speculative crap?

This forum use to be fairly decent. It's changed a lot in the last couple of months

-- long-time lurker (, April 16, 1999.

Great post Crono. No matter how severe Y2K is Klinton will but his own spin and set of lies on it. The information coming out, if it is a 7 to 10 would be so muddled we won't recognize it. The man is a lier and he will never give out the correct facts. They spin, and when the SHTF there will still be spin

-- thinkIcan (, April 16, 1999.

If there's anything good to say about how Clinton & company are handling (mishandling as we all know) Y2K, it's that they're setting the situation up to be as panic-filled for the population as it can be. With daily pronouncements of "Nothing bad will happen." being made to the public, when all hell breaks loose Joe Q. Public is definitely going to panic and drive the outcome to the worst possible results.

Listening to the government spin the situation is the LAST thing a panicked population is going to do. So I look forward to watching Clinton and his minions spin the Y2K problems come 01/01/2000. The real spinning will be the situation spinning out of their control and them spinning their wheels uselessly trying to direct things.

If we get more than a no-panic five or more, it's going to end up close to a ten by the time the DGIs and DWGIs take out their frustrations over darkened TVs and non-working electric toothbrushes. In such a situation, the US government at its best couldn't control things, much less stay semi-intact to recover afterwards. A Bill Clinton US government won't have a chance.

Serious Y2K troubles mean Clinton would need military muscle to rule. After this Kosovo crap, I really don't think the military would be willing to take any questionable orders from Clinton. In fact, I see Y2K being the closest moment our nation will ever be to a military coup. Which a President who "loathes the military" might truly want to see. Since it would be the ultimate discrediting of the military and be grounds for totally its dismantling. And isn't that what the hard-core socialists and Communist sympathizers have always wanted?


BTW: For an interesting read of a scenario that could be the script for a post-Y2K America (if it's a ten), see the May 1999 Asimov's Science Fiction Stories. The story in question is titled "Old Glory". While Y2K is not the issue, the possibilities are there.

-- Wildweasel (, April 16, 1999.

Wildweasel--- My son once told me that 99% of the people are stupid. They don't call him "slick willie" for nothing. I have to disaggree with you. He will spin and spin and spin and the general public will except it because he will make it seem to be in their best interest. Many people on this forum are independent thinkers, so his bull shit won't be bought by us, but you have no idea how we will be labelled who do not go along with his strong armed spinning tactics. Heaven help us all.

-- thinkIcan (, April 16, 1999.

--if you'd like my quick answer about the king, here it is: He's sold us out, and set us up for the globalists. The newer gi's aren't ready for this sort of thinking, because the whole issue of survival is so new to them that y2k is about it as far as they can go, so anything past that they will revert to dgi mode, what they were untill quite recently. I think we've seen our last election. There, I've said it. I believe that we will have full scale martial law and repression of political dissent up to and including murder by the government. They aren't stupid, just lazy and evil. They know for a fact that they will be helpless to water and feed millions of citizens by rollover date. The question is what to do with a very angry and armed population, and the only solution for the king and his goons is to do what governments have always done--instill total dictatorship and murder their opponents. The king has shown he's a ruthless and self centered man who doesn't care who or what his actions hurt, and he's completely drunk with power, congress has no teeth, and he's already using all the co-opted sections of government to stifle dissent as much as he can get away with up to this point. I fully expect phony agent provocateur terrorist attacks to give an excuse for martial law, a lot more schoolyard shootings to pass an emergency "ban all firearms or else" edict, and just a host of other vile things. If he can invade another country and bomb and kill scores of people with impunity, and the military just goes along with it, he can do whatever he wants to here. And I fully expect it, and in the not to distant future. Remember, it will be "for the children" or "to protect us from terrorists" or some such mass media parroted drivel. And it certainly appears to be on track and on time. Been thinking about the "what if's" for quite awhile now, and so far in my little mental log book it's all coming true, just about right on schedule. Of course, those quick to label one as a conspiracy freak will be the very first ones to take in and shelter people with their lives if need be--not! Talk is cheap, look at folks deeds-that's what I do. People who throw demonization labels have always been the first ones to jump on the bandwagon of fascism and oppression, and part of demonization is ridicule, and trying to make you believe that what you are seeing isn't really there. "I didn't have sex with that woman-it's my detractors spreading lies"- "I've instructed the justice department to do a thorough investigation of waco, okc bombing, twa 800 shootdown, chinese spying in the doe, illegal campaign contributions from foreign sources, vince fosters suicide,yada yada"-"We expect to be fully on track and in the testing mode by dec 31 98"-"It's you doom and gloomer conspiracy freaks that will cause all the troubles" Who cares anyway, despots always draw the line in the sand, it's always been that way. Good luck demonizers and despots and ridiculers, you're going to need it. Look up the word "quisling". Now excuse me while I adjust this bullseye on my back, and the star of david on my front-they appear to have been already permanently attached, so I might as well get ready for-whatever.

-- zog (, April 16, 1999.

Zog, couldn't have said it better myself.

I just wish the rest of America would wake up to see what's happening to them.

What color star are you sporting today?

-- INVAR (, April 16, 1999.

"Does anyone think that we can begin to upgrade this forum to what it once was rather than posting paranoid drivel and grossly useless speculative crap? This forum use to be fairly decent. It's changed a lot in the last couple of months"

Long time waste of space more like - what the hell have you EVER contributed to this forum?

Get used to it pal, you're not dealing with drones here... some of us like to use a little grey matter.

Which brings me to zog, you and I think alike, you are simply voicing what I have been concluding for a while now, you are filling in many pieces of the puzzle. I agree 100% with your recent posts - stay tuned ALL - we are in DEEP MERDE here - wait and see, you ain't seen NOTHING yet...

-- Andy (, April 16, 1999.

What's going on here? How about a restriction of free speech under no governmental/corporate controls? This is just another piece to the large puzzle that Zog, Invar, Andy and others are trying to present to you.

"What are the FCC and NAB afraid of? In a situation of 1-50 watts [radio stations] versus 10,000 to 125,000 watts it has to be something much more fundamental than market share. Based on statements made by the FCC it is clear they have no thought of ever revisiting the issue of issuing broadcast licenses for stations with less than 100 watts of power. What they are doing is issuing large numbers of translator licenses for transmitters with less than 100 watts in order to import an outside signal into a shadowed community. In essence, they are creating a dual standard which restricts free speech activity based upon point of origin by denying communities the right to broadcast at less than 100 watts."

If I were a large corporate media entity working in concert with the FCC wanting to strangle the small free voice stations under no one's control, I would do the exact thing they are doing. But, if you have a different opinion about what is going on here, please do tell.

-- (, April 17, 1999.

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