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Is there a list of failures to date? OR: Has anyone compiled the problems caused by computers that have malfunctioned due to date issues? OR: Where is the proof of the date problems that have been happening to date?

(Maybe nothing has gone wrong yet... I have heard of various tests scheduled, but no real results.)


-- jesse mcallister (, April 16, 1999


jesse: Y2K Failure Lists - Now on one thread:

Hope this helps, Rob.

-- Rob Michaels (, April 16, 1999.


Out of the millions of businesses worldwide, you have 40+ failures ranging from the early 1990's until now. Although many have gone unreported, you would expect to see substantially more visible failures then what we are seeing now. What happened to all of the problems when the Euro was to be implemented (I believe Gary North predicted major problems). Where are all of the problems from January 1? April 1? April 9? Joanne effect?


-- John (, April 16, 1999.

John: There has been a lot of speculation that most of the failures have gone unreported, but who knows. Several spike dates have passed without any reported major failures. I do not know if this has any predictive value or not, it is just an observation.

Anyway, my goal in putting together the lists was to give it to members of my Church and community who had asked me for "proof" that Y2K was even real. So i looked around, and with the help of some of the Forum posters, put together what some have called the most comprehensive list in one palce that is available to date.

If you have followed my posts in the past, you may know that I think that prudent preparation makes sense in a world where we go from uncertainty to uncertainty, and I am not willing to 'bet' against adversity: If it doesn't happen that's great, if it does I will be as ready as I can.

BTW, Two of the people that I gave the list to were impressed enough to start taking Y2K seriously, which is all I ever hoped for.

-- Rob Michaels (, April 16, 1999.


Your point is well-taken. I believe in preparation as well, but not to the radical point that some people on this forum take it to. At the same time, my feeling is that you have to do what you need to do in order to establish a comfort level and sleep well at night. So while I may not agree with some of the prep decisions on this forum, I do have to respect them.


-- john (, April 16, 1999.

I would like to see this list... can you send me a copy? OR: Where on the net is it? thanks, jesse

-- jessemcallister (, April 16, 1999.

jesse: I gave you a link to the list in my first post above. All you have to do is click on it and it will take you to the list. You may want to right-click it, and then select 'open in new window', which will enable you to print it out and/or bookmark it easily.

-- Rob Michaels (, April 16, 1999.

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