United Eco-action Funds BIG ISLAND MILLENNIUM ROUND TABLE hosts ED YOURDON at Waikoloa Hilton.

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The Spirit of Aloha awaits Ed Yourdon as many on the Big Island await his wake-up call. United Eco-action has been opening community gardens to help the small and poor communities which will be hard hit by the interruption of shipping. Ed Yourdons gift to the Big Island will be received with gratitude. This island can be the safe eye of the hurricane if many awake and plant seeds in its fertile soil. Nightly showers provide clean water while fish, wildlife and cattle provide protein.

For more info on Big Island refuge potential go to www.uneco.org and get into our Y2K links or communicate with us via e-mail to binfo@uneco.org

-- UNITED ECO-ACTION FUND (info@uneco.org), April 16, 1999


Well, bless you Uniyed Eco Action, those who disparaged you on this forum were just too empty to think.

Enjoy Ed and give him our love


-- angel (itoldyou@so.net), April 16, 1999.

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