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Hey Gang ,

Just wanted to let you know an easier way to build a solar cooker.

There's plans for them at sites on the net but I would a way to build one from my heating/ac contractor.

The foiled backed duct board that they use for heat/ac in your homes I feel is excellant for a solar cooker.

Except turn it inside out and have the foil on the inside and the black back is outside.

It's insulated and light weight. The size can be of any lenght and height. I would suggest talking to the AC guys and see if they have any scraps of that type board in the dumpster. That's what I did ! All for free ! In fact I'm making one for my RE agent so he has one.

Just something to help you guys out there while preparing.


-- Furie (, April 16, 1999


Thanks furie: I just brought home the materials this evening to build a solar chimney food dehydrator. I used the basic design given in the How-To Survival Library found over at But I have modified it to be very light (transportable), a little more effecient I think, and cheaper too. The major change I employed was the use of ridgid 1/2" foamboard insulation. It is foil coated 2sides, to boot. I am using them in place of the 5/8" plywood which costs around $35.00 a sheet for a good grade. It cost me just over $7.00 for each 4x8 sheet. It took me a couple of hours rehearsing the process on paper and imaginary workshop in my head to come up with a workable design, but it cost just $35.00 for ALL the materials to build the darn thing. Oh yea, I still need a piece of plexi in the collector so I'm going to guess I can probably pick up what I need in the lighting section at Home Depot. No Adv-whoring intended. It is just the next best thing to being home, to me. Anyway add maybe another $10.00, which leaves me quite a bit to get a little ..fancy.. goin' if I wanna, compared to the original materials take-off I did. It ends up being a 40 sqft, self propelled dehydrator, easily assembled and disassembled @ about 30 lbs, minus the pallet floor (also subistuted from orginal because price=$0.00, avaliability=no problem, and function=excellant) There are potentially 10 racks, each approx 3x31/2 no metal to rust, unless you consider the drywall screws, (great for mob/demob) and may even transmutate into a solar oven, with a little more imagination and work. I'm still in the R+D on that aspect. Good ol' Necessity ... if ya know what I mean. Good to know someone else is 'hands-on', great to be a GI with a little more time to prepare. I would appreciate ideas on drying different types of fruit, ie do's/don'ts for this/that's kinda thing. Thanks in advance

P.S. Sorry for last nights post, chalk it up to sleep deprivation.

-- spun@lright (, April 16, 1999.

Wow, spun. Will you make the plans or instructions available to us? I have two old glass sliding doors I was going to convert into a solar dehydrator, but would have to design it. Would help if I didn't have to reinvent the wheel.

-- marsh (, April 16, 1999.

Hey marsh, I'd be glad to. I was just out in the back yard laying out all the pieces. I just hate cutting a piece only to find out later I didn't take into consideration the extra 1 1/2" overlap etc. I'm not quite sure yet how to supply a schematic on here. Any suggestions anyone? I'm pretty jazzed about letting Ol Sol do most the work for free!!! I'll get back when I've actually looking at a dehydrator sitting there. Probably this afternoon, I hope.

-- spun@lright (, April 16, 1999.

Just to continue my projects, cooker, & fuel storage, I have found a well drilling company that will give me bladder tanks for free. I can unbolt the plate that holds the rubber bladder and then high pressure wash the inside. Let it dry, then invert it for a fuel storage tank. I'll be putting a 1/8" pepcock on the bottom, where the air valve was and add a small engine fuel filter to my rubber hose for filling up my kerosene heaters and oil lamps. Just in case there is any rust inside the tank after drying. Have fun guys & gals. email me if you need help ! Furie...

-- Furie (, April 16, 1999.

Please don't let this thread die! I'm very interested in the solar cooker - they seem QUITE expensive out of the homepower magazine. I was also interested in a dehydrator. How could it be possible to get the plans on one of these posts????

-- jeanne (, April 17, 1999.


Go to this site

These are as simple and cheap to make as could be possible, basically free. I made one and can cook bread easily, takes 2hours 15 minutes.

They sound too simple too work but they do!


-- Nemo (, April 17, 1999.

Wait, wait! I happen to have two sliding glass doors taking up space and weighing far too much, sitting outside my house. Truly, there is something USEFUL I can do with these??? If you have more info on that please let me know. Thanks!

PJ in TX

-- PJ Gaenir (, April 18, 1999.

The plans I'm using to build my dehydrator, with a few modifications are from here. Solar Dehydrator

We had thread a couple weeks ago, I think on solar cooking too. This site has plans for building more than one type. Solar Oven Plans

-- Donna Barthuley (, April 18, 1999.

Has anyone had any actual personal experience at cooking bread in a solar cooker

-- thinkIcan (, April 24, 1999.

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