Whitewolf game

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Does anybody here have the White wolf game? I want to know what is it all about? I'm glad to be back.

-- Commander Blood (ComdrBlood@aol.com), April 15, 1999


Okay, look, I'm sorry, but there is no role playing game based on Aeon Flux. The deal is, White Wolf issued an RPG titled 'Aeon'. Due to legal issues with MTV, they were forced to change the name to 'Trinity'. It does not, nor did it ever have, anything to do with Aeon Flux. I've checked out the game - it really sucks, actually. If you're really thirsting for Aeon Flux RPG action, your best bet is to grab some of the basic GURPS handbooks and make your own adventures...

-- Charlie Princeton (cmmartin@princeton.edu), April 16, 1999.

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