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There we were.... No casualties with the cat 350.(Next session may be the 950) Everyone did well, except for the ones that "killed the cat" and of course- Shelby- waving of the arms and letting go of the controls is a good thing to do when you are in trouble :-) And remaining to leave your foot on the clutch and nodding "yes" when you're told not to- is not good. Remember, you need to have your note book handy because there may be a pre and post assessment and you'll need to refer to your notes. Timm, so exactly what does, "to the nut" mean with getting things square? Measure twice- cut once! No one ailed from too rare of burgers, that's what happens when the three cooks all like pink hamburger. Next time is bird- will it be duck or turkey? To follow the true construction way of things, an Extended Classroom with a good representation of the cohort met to collaborate on their learning experiences. Good time was had by all- as usual.

-- Anonymous, April 15, 1999

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