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While trying to post yet another bogus "good news" report about Y2K remediation, Norm (nwo@hotmail.com) or "Norm" as he/she calls themselves, was struck on the head by a copy of De Jager's latest article.

On Norm's way to the hospital, a medical device with a malfunctioning embedded system exploded, leaving Norm with shrapnel in his dorsal area.

Norm is now reported to be in critical condition. Y2K Pro is said to be rushing to his bedside.

More to come soon on this breaking story ........

-- Norm (nwo@hotmail.com), April 15, 1999


"Norm" is some kind of joke thing, In Argentina we have real y2k problems. Please help us with more meaningful information. This nework is important.

-- Carlos Mueller (riffraff@cylbertyime.net), April 15, 1999.

POOR NORM!!!!!!!!! IMHO humor is needed even Norm would find this funny. Isn't that right Norm.....why yes, yes I do believe that is correct. Thank you, I knew you would agree.

-- shellie (shellie01@hotmail.com), April 15, 1999.

Yes, the norm thing is kinda a running joke here. I am sorry for the trouble you are experiencing but would really like you to give details as to what kind of problems you guys are experiencing over there as it may help some people here to become more aware of potential problems. Thanks

-- shellie (shellie01@hotmail.com), April 15, 1999.

SAM: "What's shaking Norm?" NORM: "All four cheeks & a couple of chins."

================================================================ SAM: "What's new Normie?"

NORM: "Terrorists, Sam. They've taken over my stomach & they're demanding beer."

================================================================= SAM: "What'd you like Normie?"

NORM: "A reason to live. Give me another beer."

================================================================= SAM: "What'll you have Normie?"

NORM: "Well, I'm in a gambling mood Sammy. I'll take a glass of whatever comes out of that tap."

SAM: "Looks like beer, Norm."

NORM: "Call me Mister Lucky." ==========================================================

SAM: "Hey Norm, how's the world been treating you?"

NORM: "Like a baby treats a diaper."

================================================================= WOODY: "What's the story Mr. Peterson?"

NORM: "The Bobbsey twins go to the brewery. Let's cut to the happy ending."

============================================================== WOODY: "Hey Mr. Peterson, there's a cold one waiting for you."

NORM: "I know, if she calls, I'm not here."

=================================================================== SAM: "Beer, Norm?"

NORM: "Have I gotten that predictable? Good."

================================================================ SAM: "Whatcha up to Norm?"

NORM: "My ideal weight if I were eleven feet tall."

==================================================================== WOODY: "How's it going Mr. Peterson?"

NORM: "Poor."

WOODY: "I'm sorry to hear that."

NORM: "No, I mean pour."

================================================================== SAM: "How's life treating you Norm?"

NORM: "Like it caught me sleeping with its wife."

================================================================== SAM: "What's going down, Normie?"

NORM: "My butt cheeks on that bar stool."

=================================================================== WOODY: "Pour you a beer, Mr. Peterson?"

NORM: "Alright, but stop me at one....make that one-thirty."

================================================================ WOODY: "How's it going Mr. Peterson?"

NORM: "It's a dog eat dog world, Woody & I'm wearing Milk Bone underwear."

==================================================================== SAM: "What's the story Norm?"

NORM: "Boy meets beer. Boy drinks beer. Boy meets another beer."

================================================================== WOODY: "What's going on Mr. Peterson?"

NORM: "The question is what's going in Mr. Peterson? A beer please, Woody."

================================================================= WOODY: "Can I pour you a beer Mr. Peterson?"

NORM: "A little early isn't it, Woody?"

WOODY: "For a beer?"

NORM: "No, for stupid questions."

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), April 15, 1999.

THE YOURDON TIMES ***** JAN. 21, 2000

Norm, the well known polly from the Yourdon TIMEBOMB2000 forum, was found dead today, at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. His best friend, Y2K Pro, was also found, dead, about 1 inch from his body. Official reports say that they both suffered from the well known eyes-stuck-closed virus. The cure was well known, being published on the Yourdon site, and many other Y2K sites on the internet. However, they both refused to even attempt to open their eyes. Friends from the Gary North Is A Big Fat Idiot site, and friends from the Y2K Debunkers site, carried the flowers... <:)=

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), April 16, 1999.

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