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You know, this forum has gotten so, so serious lately, I thought I'd re-post an older thread from pshannon--which happens to be one of the most hilarious things I've ever read. Subconscious at work.

If you've read it before you'll remember it. For newcomers, enjoy!

Got anything similiar?


It's 3am. I rarely wake up from a dream this vivid and obvious, but often when I do I'll get up and write it down immediately. BTW, my computer is ALWAYS on. I couldn't find the "Dream" thread, so what the hell, I'll start another. And I figure many of you will appreciate this...

Background -

1. Where I work, we've got several old Mac Performa 5115's. For the uninitiated, these are a model of "all in one" Macs, similar to those new iMacs, but in the classic "Platinum". They're kinda goofy looking and weren't very popular, but before I got to this company, they bought three or four, and now I've "retired" them and replaced them with laptops. We took the case off of one of them and made a "sculpture" out of it and it hangs from the ceiling by the front elevator looping a Director piece. The case is in pieces on the floor of my office. We're a weird company.

2. My parents live in a small town in New Jersey, where I grew up. Last year we cleaned out a ton 'o junk from their basement in order to make room for our preps (it needed to be done anyway). Once a month the town picks up junk from in front of everybody's house. Garabage pickers will swoop down on the junk and grab anything of remotely any value before the garbage trucks make their rounds.

3. When I was growing up in said small town, there was a family named King that had about a million kids. In hindsight, I guess they were OK, but I never really liked them. They lived in this kind of big, spooky house on a hill. The kid a year younger than me went out with my Sophmore/Junior year girlfriend after she and I broke up. The kid who was my age was named Stephen. Stephen King. You can imagine what kind of shit that poor kid had to put up with. He was a little bit of a bully.

The dream -

I'm at my parents house. I put a bunch of Mac Performa 5115's out on the curb for the garbage trucks to pick up the next morning. It's even so vivid, that the Mac with the "Sex Pistols" bumper sticker on the side is to be seen. I feel kind of bad about putting these machines out for the garbage, but I also think that maybe someone will come by and take them and maybe be able to put them to some use.

The next morning, I look out the window, and there are pieces of platinum computer case strewn all over the yard, the street, and the neighbors' yards. It looks like a massacre, or, if I may, a Macssacre. I'm pretty mad about this, so I go outside and decide to look for the perpatrators. I even see a broken case with the "Sex Pistols" bumper sticker.

For some reason, I slide on my belly down the street (hey, it IS a dream) until I get to the intersection, and there I see three of these King kids DRESSED UP LIKE THE KILLER BEES FROM THAT OLD SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE SKIT, with baseball bats in their hands, whacking away at the junk on other people's curbs. I throw the piece of the computer case with the "Sex Pistols" bumper sticker on it and hit Stephen King in the head. They all turn to look at me and...

...I wake up!

I think about this dream for about three seconds and then I "Get It" and literally start RIMBLMAO (rolling in my bed laughing my ass off). THE BUGS HAVE BROKEN ALL THE OLD COMPUTERS!


Good night...

-- pshannon (, January 26, 1999

-- FM (, April 15, 1999

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